Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not every thing goes as planned

In our travels I have tried to be cute in traffic jams and decided to go around them, take a detour. Most of the time it never works, many other folk had the same idea. I think I have finally decided in my later years just to go with the flow of traffic.


It should never bother me in the motor home, but sometimes it does. Here it really is just a diversion, because we are actually still at home in a traffic jam. If I need the bathroom it is here. A cold drink or coffee it is here. It really is no big deal.


Last night I had a chance to think how I would feel if this home did not have wheels and a fire was headed towards it. There was a chance the fire would be extinguished, but if you know wild fire, it cannot be trusted depending on the winds it can die down or turn into a running inferno.


Approx half the coaches and trailers left last night as directed. Some sat here defying the fire. Sherry and I hurriedly discussed it, but decided if that fire goes crazy (like Darla’s cat, LOL) there will be a traffic jam here you would not believe and no way around it. So we took the trouble to ‘Break Camp’).


(You have not been entertained until you are in a traffic jam in Italy, they do a lot of hand signs & horn blowing)

WE are back, if we had stayed here in the park, we would have saved ourselves some work, BUT…….

I have always wondered what I would try to save, if mine was to be one of the ‘hundreds destroyed by a forest or brush fire.’ Some things you can plan, some you cannot.


(And then the traffic jam down Paula’s way)

If you could only save what you could put in your car, what would be your priorities?

I have had friends lose everything to fire, I have heard that folks miss  the family pictures and some family artifacts most.  Some things cannot be replaced.

But here and now, all is well that ends well. Everyone needs a little excitement in their lives, even old folk. LOL

Nite Shipslog


Never second guess a decision once it is made.



Now if you were in a bad mood, and needed a tow, this guy would make you smile.


Now if you were in a bad mood and needed a ride, this guy would make you smile.


Mevely317 said...

...Catching up over here. Wow, that was a close call!
This sounds like a cliche, but after my little dog, I'd be going for the family photos. Everything else can be replaced; it's just stuff.

Have a great new week!

Chatty Crone said...

I am not sure - was this a traffic jam you were in after moving for the fire?

And that traffic jam would drive me nuts.

I would take my family, dog, and maybe photos if I had time.


Chatty Crone said...

I am not sure - was this a traffic jam you were in after moving for the fire?

And that traffic jam would drive me nuts.

I would take my family, dog, and maybe photos if I had time.


Sheila Y said...

I greatly dislike traffic jams. Glad everything turned out okay. I saw a little about it on the weather channel this morning...where it also said we might have a chance for a blizzard on Wednesday. :-D Probably won't happen but I have hope...haha.
Enjoy your week, Sheila


I hate traffic jams. Makes me crazy. If I had to save something from my house it would be my cats, my camera, then any photographs or memory cards. Glad you are safe.

shirl72 said...

It is good that I missed last blog.
I would have been so worried about
you and Sherry. When I heard
about the fires on the news I had
no idea you were close. Glad you
moved and safe.

Paula said...

Me too glad my online friends are safe and their home on the road too. Yep those cows get right in front of us and won't move sometime.

betty said...

Glad all was safe and you are back in your original camping spot. I think you and Sherry made the wise decision to leave; I have a healthy respect of fires living here in Southern California where you can see how fast the fires kick up and take off.

I'd take Koda (of course), my Bible and pictures if I had to leave in a hurry, and probably as many important papers I could gather together quickly, plus the emergency stash of cash we have on hand.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Fires are devastating. I've never had a house fire and am thankful, but I really don't know what I'd take with me if I had to. They say we should all have an emergency plan, but like many others I don't. Glad everything worked out ok there for you all. As far as traffic goes, I try to avoid it as much as possible. When faced with it there really is little else to do but to try and go with the flow. Hope you all have a great Monday!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why but I tend to think of you being in charge of an almost supernatural sort of safety. Hmmm, I won't analyze that thought too much.

I have many days where absolutely Nothing goes as planned. Sometimes they actually turn out to be great days. ~Mary