Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nothing lasts forever


I just took the last look at a coffee cup in the trash can.  My mind went back a trip we took with Sherry’s sister Lennie and her husband Elmer. It was their 50th wedding anniversary.  We went to the North East.

scan1996-97 074

(The tribute to the men of the sea at Gloucester, MA)

We ate lobster at a restaurant in Kennebunk, Maine. We drove by the Senior Bush’s home at Kennebunkport. 

scan1996-97 075

(The bush compound in the back ground)

We drove on up the coast, staying on the coast line where possible. We were having a great trip. We got to Bar Harbor, I volunteered to fix Vegetable soup while the other three went to sight see in Bar Harbor. I about had supper ready when the crew came back all excited. Let the soup set, we are going back down town and get tickets on the ferry that goes to Nova Scotia.

scan1996-97 076

(The Colony Hotel in Yarmouth)

Never a dull moment, and I am flexible. We did go down and got reservations on the Ferry for the next day, at the same time arranging for the coach to set in their parking lot until we got back. It was an over night trip, we were spending the night in Falmouth, Nova Scotia.  It was going to be on Elmer and Lennie’s 50th anniversary.

scan1996-97 077

(The Ferry Landing in the back ground)

Then back to the coach for my super soup and packing for an over nighter. None of us had been to Nova Scotia.

We had a great trip over and back, that was during our Souvenir coffee Cup time. So now one of the Nova Scotia cups has bit the dust. While there we learned of the great number of ships captains that has lived in Falmouth and introduced to the ‘Widow’s Walk’ on the roofs of the captains houses.  A relative flat fenced area on the roof, built so the wife could look our to sea awaiting the return of her husband's ship.

With so many ships lost at sea it became known as the Widow’s Walk, because the wives would walk for months after the ship was due in, fearing all the time she was now a widow.

It is a beautiful town and the birthplace of the Christmas song, “It’s beginning to Look  A Lot Like Christmas”.  Meredith Willson wrote the song while at the Grand Hotel, in Falmouth.

scan1996-97 079

Back to Bar Harbor and on to Ben and Jerry’s in Vermont. Amazing what one broken cup can do!

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Do you  ever feel unnecessary?  Sometimes I have that feeling. LOL



Did anyone besides us own a Corvair. We owned on sorta like this in GITMO. (That sucker leaked oil like a sieve, but it drove fantastic.

Dang old what’s his name!


Anonymous said...

the trip to Nova Scotia sounds exciting...Don and I did a little of the NE when we lived in New Jersey, never made it to Maine

memories connect to memories connect to memories and on it goes :D

nope, no Alfa Romeo, Triumph Spitfire, Lotus Super 7, several Minis, BMW etc etc passed through the ex's stable of foreign cars, Don and I, we were Ford people

happy Easter!

Jackie said...

Makes me want to take a trip to the North East, Jack. Thank you for the wonderful details...especially about the Widow's Walk. You and Sherry have had a wonderful time traveling together.


You made me hungry for lobster and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. GREAT cup story.

Chatty Crone said...

I have to say that I have never been there and it is some place I would lobe to visit! And have lobster. sandie

shirl72 said...

What a wonderful blog showing the many places you have traveled.
Beautiful area and good food of course lobster comes to mind.
I guess we learned to be flexible
having the best Mother and Father.
I am thankful..


Paula said...

Yes the collector coffee mugs can bring back memories. I have every horoscope logo, all twelve, blace with the logos in gold from a filling station given with a fill-up. I traded around until I got all twelve and still have them put away in a box. I think they must be from the 70's.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is reporting you to Ralph Nader for even showing a photo of a Corvair! Unsafe at ANY speed, accordling to ol' Ralphy!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures and your memories of a wonderful trip. Memories like that are the ones that will never be forgotten. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!