Thursday, March 21, 2013

Games people play

I am sure I’ve done this before. But Darla got me thinking. She had her ‘Grandloves’ over and she talked about them entertaining themselves with out the iphone, electronic games, TV or computer.


That is a wonder now days. Then Jimmy or someone mentioned toys that the kids or cat played with for a few minutes, but the box it came in got the most attention.  I believe EVERYONE has had that experience.

Have you ever had an ache, and something came up to take your attention away from it and you forgot it for at least a few minutes?  BUT when you tried to get your mind off it, it was impossible. It had to happen natural.

Kids today are no different than when I was small. They can entertain themselves, but you cannot ‘Tell them’ to do it.  The mind is an amazing thing.

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I remember well what we called, “playing cars”.  Under the house during a rain, we made roads in the dirt, and if water ran under the house we made rivers with bridges. We created towns and drove our cars all over the country.  If you did not have a toy car, a block of wood would do, it could be a Cadillac or a fast race car.

Imaginations have fueled many wonderful inventions and patents. I have known a few people who had the imaginations to create innovative ways of improving jobs.

I do not know the process, but my Uncle John B, designed  and instituted the latest way to thread a weave loom in the 1940’s, saving many hours of labor when changing weave patterns. Uncle John, not knowing  anything about patents etc, gave it to the Mill company in exchange for a life time job, with no lay offs. He became salaried (at a laborers pay), and in later years would stay out of work for a week at a time. As far as I know, no one complained and as far as I know Uncle John didn’t complain.

I think inventors and innovators must retain the ‘child’s imagination’.

My problem is, every thing I think of some thing new, someone else thought of first.

I’m sorta like Sonny(not my buddy), the oldest member of the ‘Sons of the Pioneers’, when asked if he wrote a certain song he said, “Yeah, yeah I did, I heard it a couple times, then I wrote it.”

Thanks for using your ‘smarts’ and dropping by the log. Smile

Nite Shipslog


Necessity is the “Mother of Invention”, it is said, But I think, making life easier also plays a part..


If I had to P

Now that is innovative, and getting the most out of a vehicle.


I could not pass up one of my dreams, the ‘55 Chevy convertible with a continental kit.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, I'm more and more trying to find ways to make my life easier. I'm warming up by doing a little baking today. Hope you all are keeping warm there.

Jackie said...

Love innovation and creativity.
The mind is a wonderful thing, and given the chance, it will continue to amaze us all. I agree with you about the box, too, Jack. Not a finer toy ever invented. Ask any kid or any kitten. Both love 'em.
And speaking of love...I LOVE your header!

Chatty Crone said...

You hit something that we are having an argument about this very minute.

My grandson has the Wii, the x-box, DS, IPOD, IPAD, I Phone, computer, and now he wants an IPhone and my daughter wants him to get it.

I am beginning to hate all technology. I miss him. All we do it fight about time and homework.

I am so frustrated right now. ERRRRRRRRRRR!



Imagination fuels every new creation. Kids have a limitless one for sure.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

You might want to stay in's gonna be a wintery mix of nastiness up here for the next 7 - 10 days....What happened to Spring..?!

Anonymous said...

oh how i remember playing cars ... currently am usually playing with playmobile and a pirate ship with our son. yes, a much appreciated change to the every day work.
Please have you all a good Friday ahead.

shirl72 said...

New header is very pretty.

I remember I would draw a car with
doors stick with a lid nailed on
the top for the steering wheel.
We marked doors when you entered
you had to come where the opening
was marked. Cans with board across them for seats. Stick for gears. We mostly drove to town and the store. I suppose it was a convertible. Far from today's world. We were having great fun.

Paula said...

Love that beautiful water with the sun. You entry brings back memories of playing when we were kids.

Anonymous said...

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