Sunday, March 10, 2013

Some things are confusing, some just funny

We old folk have a lot of ailments. While in Florida, most of our neighbors are old. Some folk who cannot walk will take their dogs for a walk as they ride in a golf cart or one of the little scooters. Some times it appears comical to me":

cake and ideas 009

I see this guy often most of the time it appears the dog is towing him. I kid him a lot.

We saw a lady with three bull dogs, the small ones, they had wrapped her up as she was trying to clean up after one. Sometimes that really becomes a mess. LOL

It must be frustrating to walk three and four dogs, and clean up after them all. Some folk have two and three 100lb+ dogs in their RV’s. They don’t want to leave them up north to friends, family or kennels.  I don’t blame them for that.

Every once in awhile there is a problem with someone new pulling into a park. One morning we got up to no water, A coach had pulled in overnight and ran over the park  water and electrical hookups.  The water was off thru the night and most of the day. The whole park had to be shut down while it was dug up and fixed.

I won’t laugh or throw insults, I have made my share of mistakes, thank goodness the only persons bothered was us. I drove off once with our jacks down. I started to leave with a slide out, out once. leaving steps out or TV antennae up is a normal fault.

Tow vehicles are hooked with a hitch like a trailer, plus safety chains. One guy in front of us drove off with his car hooked only with the chains, the car was all over the road and when he stopped it plowed into the back of his coach.

The strangest things happen when you are not expecting them. Squirrels on top of the coach, or you turn on too much electricity and kick your breakers.

Beautiful lady I was surprised at who it is:

aunt Bee 1934

It’s 1934, Do you know her?

While you are thinking, I must say, we would have life no other way, as long as we can drive safely, we will be on the road.

Thanks for your visit.

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When you think nothing good is happening, you see a sale on chocolate!


another 1934 Classic Voisen, C155


The Answer!!!!


Frances Bavier  aka Aunt Bee on Andy Griffin.


Rose said...

Is that beautiful lady really Aunt Bee???? Wow, just lovely.

I guess problems do arise in trailer parks.

I know people love their pets but that have to be considerate of their neighbors. No one likes to step in poo!

Hugs to my favorite couple.

betty said...

Wow, that caught me by surprise who was in the picture!! She was beautiful indeed!

Too funny with the mishaps ion RV'ing and towing cars. I'm sure many a tale can be told around camp fires about them too!


Mevely317 said...

Yes, I'm chuckling at these mishaps! More often than not, I'd dream of trading in our here-n-now lifestyle for that you and Sherry enjoy.
... and then, I have to admit I'm probably too STOOPID to be able to maneuver a coach such as yours.

Hope you're enjoying a lovely Sunday!


Too much to worry about connecting and unconnecting for me. I'd mess up for sure. Aunt Bee surprised me. REALLY was her. WOW!

Chatty Crone said...

That was AUNT BEE?????????? WOWOWOWOWOW!

She was good looking - you know I used to look like that myself and you have seen me now! I guess it just happens.

Your a good man Jack.


Anonymous said...

People started to look at me while taking pictures of grass.

Very tired. Wishing you all a kind new week ahead.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoyed hearing about all the things happening around there...and the question and answer about who. I guess we all looked a bit different when we were younger. We got up to 50 here in Ohio today. I sat out reading for awhile till a golf ball hit my chair...too close for comfort. The neighborhood kids must have been doing some practicing in their back yard. Hope you both had a great day.

Glenda said...

Oh wow, Aunt Bee was a glamorous woman! Loved the comments about forgetting what has to be completed before taking off, find myself doing that often. Jack, the SMILE entry was making me smile and that was before I saw the pic of Mom & Dad with you two, lovely, thanks for always bringing a smile!

Paula said...

John and I would be a mess trying to remember and do all the things that need done to take off. I would have never thought that was Aunt Bee. She was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the episode where Aunt Bee learned to fly a plane, and the one where she rehabilitated Otis because the jail was full.

b. knox

Lucy said...

Aunt Bee was so pretty. I liked that show. The simpleness of it made it great relaxation. It is a good thing I am a home body cause we don't get out much and I don't mind. Ankle and leg are looking good but the cold has not wanted to give up . I am on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Aunt Bee looks hot. That was quite a surprise. I'm sure as she got older she still had some of that inside. ~Mary