Thursday, March 28, 2013

Final leg of the trip to NC

We had a good week in SC, a little cool but we did manage to walk a little. The day before the trip I got tangled up in pollen putting in the awnings, etc.
We normally have coffee before we hit the road, but I really wanted a cheese, ham and egg sandwich. Yep it was good, then I took the rest of the umbilical cords loose, that tie us down (water, elec & sewer). Sherry secured the loose stuff in the cabin, we hooked the van up to tow and pulled out of the woods for the Interstate. The trip on to Belmont is all interstate until we reach our exit. Then it isn’t but a couple miles to our resting place.
Leaving the park out in the woods.
SC to NC and family 001SC to NC and family 002
Then just on I-95 we hit a barrier of tail lights. See in front and in my mirror. Someone’s day is ruined. Sherry got a quick shot of the single car wreck off in the woods wheels toward us.
SC to NC and family 005SC to NC and family 009
We took I-95 to I-26 It is a pretty drive. we go from what SC calls the ‘Low country’ to their hilly section. I fuss with the folks who want the signs taken down, but they definitely help travelers looking for food or fuel.
SC to NC and family 011
This is a section of I-26 just before  Columbia, SC note the beautiful Cedars followed by the Bradford Pear in full bloom, beautiful. in the center medium.
SC to NC and family 012
Sherry had a lot of the family over. For carry in chicken from Bo-Jangles.
We reached our destination, our RV port.
(An old picture, but it looks the same)
Sherry had a lot of the family over. For carry in chicken from Bo-Jangles.  The star of course is her Great Grand daughter Stella.
SC to NC and family 021SC to NC and family 024SC to NC and family 029SC to NC and family 035
We had Shirl, Mark, Sherece, Stella, Luke, Lauren, Stephen and Jennifer over for Chicken.
We will be here, behind the house where our son is living. We pay the utilities so he doesn’t mind seeing us home.  He also gets some of mamas home-cooked meals while we are here.
This has become home, we like the RV port and car port for our van. So we are home, or as near as we get to a home.
Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog

It is always good to see Family and friends. We have been away 5-6 months, it is nice to be back for a few weeks.
This was built the year my lover was born.
I would love to have this and the Rumble seat.


Jackie said...

So glad that you are home safely, and I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter.
It's great to see photos of family, and what smiles those Grands bring to our hearts! Enjoy all the love and shhugar.
Thank you for letting us know that you arrived safely. The photo of the blooming pear trees is spectacular. What a view you all had as you drove from SC to NC!
Take care...
Hugs and love to you and Sherry,

Anonymous said...

I remember cars with rumble seats...never got to cuddle in one thought ;D

so happy you're as near to home as you can get...time to visit family and friends...and that granddaughter is adorable

I-95 is my least to Virginia :) that and I-10...loved to drive on both of these Interstates. Hope no one killed or injured beyond repair in that wreck...Don and saw one...maybe in GA or SC...a car carrier, one of the hugh ones they use today, had driven off into the boonies...traffic was backed up for miles...we had a CB then so we got to listen to all the 18 wheeler chatter up and down the Interstate

happy Easter to you and Sherry and your family

Anonymous said...

change thought to though :D

Rose said...

I think it is wonderful that you log all your destinations filled with interesting pictures.

Stella is beautiful!

Happy Easter!

Hugggggggs, to my favorite couple!

Chatty Crone said...

I'm glad your home and your home in time for Easter with the family. Now is Stella not your g/granddaughter too? She is a cutie. I don't know why - but when someone gets home - it makes me feel good. Hehe. sandie

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Welcome Home..!!
Traveled that route many times....and it's not so cold if you sit in the sun out of the wind....hahahahahaha..!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you made it back to home port safely. I know you and your family must be happy to be together again. Nice timing with it being Easter this weekend. Stella has grown and what a doll she is. Enjoy your stay!


Glad you are safe and back at home port. Stella is quite a looker. Cute as pie.

Helen said...

Glad that you two made it home safely. Wish we had some G grands.
Have a great Easter.

Anonymous said...

thank you for these nice impressions of your environment. please have you all a good friday ahead.

Paula said...

Home in time for Easter. Enjoy!

shirl72 said...

Good time was had by all. I guess this is when Stella got in your lap as MJ entered the scene.
Glad you are home. Good seeing
Steve and Jenifer. Recee and
Stella. Luke is now a young
man and very counteous. Of course the Chicken was good. See you and HAPPY EASTER.

Melanie said...

Glad you got rid of the iceburg pic!!

and glad you had a safe trip!!


Glenda said...

Stella is more beautiful than any Gerber baby photo that I've ever seen, such a sweetheart face!!! Hugs to Jackie & Mark, those boys passed on some good genes.
Glad you had a good trip to the new campground, hope y'all have a blessed Easter!

Lucy said...

I am so glad you made it home safely. I always forget so I am going to say this now, your header picture is beautiful. The pictures you took on the way home are some pretty scenery. That little girl is a doll. Sherry looks so proud and she has a right to be.