Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One of my favorite days

The evening before, I take in all the awnings. Some mornings the dew is heavy on them and I get wet. Or it might be raining. I put up the chairs and out side tables and rugs. I’m getting ready to MOVE in the morning.

Road to SC 004

Chairs are stored in the basement.

Normally we have breakfast and coffee in the motor home. However we won’t be on the road but 6 hours, so we are meeting friends at McDonalds near the interstate. Don & Evelyn are down the road at a KOA camp ground. Sherry and Evelyn are close, they were in school together from elementary thru High School.

It is always fun.  Don and Evelyn know I don’t hear and tolerate it. But Sherry gets a chance to talk and visit. We had a great time. then back to the RV park and finish hooking up. Sherry pulls up behind the Coach and I attach the tow bar. Then she goes thru the gears, if it isn’t done right it will ruin the transmission. Not all cars can be towed, towing damages most transmissions.

Road to SC 006

Kitchen chairs are held in place with a long bungee cord

Road to SC 003

Sliding doors have snaps to hold them in place.

Then check to see everything is disconnected, electric, water and sewer. Antenna down and slide outs in. Doors secured loose stuff back on the bed kitchen chairs secured since they have wheels. Oh yeah, we must make sure all mice or is it two mouses(?) are secure and don’t fall and break.

Road to SC 005

The loose stuff around the kitchen is placed in the sink.

Road to SC 001

Coffee pot secure with a Velcro band. We were ready to hit the road. First turn North on Interstate 75 past Ocala, then over to US 301 and the 75 mile speed trap. We have no problems, and I never fault the ‘speed limits Strictly enforced’ signs. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Road to SC 007

I am in my element, behind the wheel of our home with enough diesel fuel to get us into Georgia, if needed. I check the internet to see if there is a big difference.  FL & GA are the same price $4.14 per gal. SC is $4 a gallon. We added  $75 of fuel, that will get us to SC. We will save $7.00 waiting for Rock Hill, SC. That will more pay for my Cappuccino.

Road to SC 023

(This is a 20 oz French Vanilla cappuccino.)

Road to SC 014

I like the architecture of this church in Citrus, FL

Road to SC 017

Very clear roads today,as you can see.

Road to SC 020

Seeing the last of the citrus and veggy stands.

Road to SC 025

Finally home for a week at Point South, near Yemassee, SC.

Thanks for riding along. We have already had our veggie soup and ready to settle in.

Nite Shipslog


Peace of mind is a valuable commodity.


I didn’t see one classic car on today’s drive, bummer.


1976 Ford, the hood on this dude looked a mile long!


Jackie said...

So glad you took photos of what it is like to "move" the RV. I had no idea...!! Very interesting!!
And, wave as you and Sherry go by; you know that I'm close by as you make your trek north. Sending you and Sherry great big smiles and warm hugs.
The temp is supposed to drop here tonight. I had on shorts and a short-sleeved shirt all week...had the A/C running...BUT it's going to be 39 here tonight (Florida/Georgia line..) Go figure!! What's with this temperature variation?!!
P.S. Love the photo of you with your cappuccino. You look so happy!!

Paula said...

Now that is interesting. How many times have you forgotten to secure something? Don't know if I would be up to all that moving but it must be fun for someone who likes it. I guess if I was healthier and John would help more I might like it but all time I don't know. It is interesting though, thanks.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope the warm weather follows you as you go north, but then you aren't going very far north. We are still waiting for the warm weather here. I noticed you have the same coffee maker in your home as I did in my camper. It's now sitting out in the garage with a whole lot of other things I brought home when it was sold last fall. (big sigh) I already have one just like it in my kitchen too. I enjoyed traveling along with you and seeing what it looks like down south. We continue to have some snow here. Enjoy your stay!

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Re the looooong hood on that '76 Ford Torino - «Louis» remembers Car and Driver Magazine comparing it to the flight deck on a Forrestal-class aircraft carrier!


thanks for having me along on your ride to the next locale. I did not know you needed to stow and secure all that stuff.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Highs in the 20's tomorrow..! and the rest of the week doesn't look real good for sunshine....
Welcome Home :)
Enjoy SC

Anonymous said...

hello to you and Sherry. wow that takes me right back in time...we bought our motorhome in 1996, right after Don had had some PTSD issues (military retiree, WWII and Vietnam).

we camped around in AZ before we hit the road for good...and once on the road we discovered Don had psoriatic arthritis, which crippled his hands in months (maybe weeks)...he drove the MH a couple of times in Tucson but once we started it was my baby...and yes I did so love to be "on the road again." On the interstate driving with the big boys...never had a bit of problem with the big rigs...and rarely did the "civilians" give me a problem. I mean when you're BIG they don't mess with you.

after a year on the road...I decided we needed a tow vehicle...I'd read that the Saturn was a good one, so we bought us a recycled like new sedan in Corpus Christi, our winter home.

love your packing, looks familiar, the best packing I ever did was at Eglin AFB, before we had a car. I had an allergic reaction to fire ant bites...when my throat started closing up I had to get us to the base hospital...which I did QUICKLY :D Another time was at a campground in Corpus Christi (possible hurricane coming), when we did have the car, I got us packed up, car hitched and on the road before all the rest of CC decided they'd better head inland. And thank goodness I did cause we saw on TV how folks got stranded on the road between CC and San Antonio because there was so much that time we were in Borne, happily the hurricane never came.

My favorite thing was when I bought Don DirecTV. I could set up the dish (with tripod), find the signal and Don could be watching TV within minutes of reaching a campground. Did this all over southern and eastern USA and it worked everytime. That way we didn't have to worry about a campground having cable.

thanks for stirring up my two have fun!!!

shirl72 said...

Thanks for a very smooth ride
down the road. Well want be long
I guess you will make it back home.
Will be waiting.

Mevely317 said...

This is just as interesting as the back-lot tour I took at Universal years ago. I used to be organized like this; a place for everything, and everything in it's place .... and then, well, I met DH. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

Seriously, I know your lifestyle doesn't succeed by chance.

I particularly like seeing the spot in which you weave your posts n' stories. Thanks for the peek!

Chatty Crone said...

Well I never thought about the little things you had to do to start the RV going. And I didn't know about the car being towed either. Thanks for the lesson.

So I never asked with your hard of hearing - do you hear Sherry?

And on the top of your blog you used to have a picture - now there is something different. I am not sure if you put a different picture there or what.
It is an oval circle with a line in it.

And maybe I am nuts.


Lucy said...

This is one of your best blogs as far as I am concerned. Lots of buckling up.

Lucy said...

That baby is a beautful baby.

Sheila Y said...

On the road again....there's a song in there somewhere...ha. We are still chilly so I hope it's not a shock to your system when you get back home. :-) Maybe I'll get a surprise snowstorm before it's all over...ha. Stay safe as you travel onward, Sheila

Rose said...

I wasn't aware of all that had to be done to secure everything before you take off to another location.

It was interesting to see all your pictures.

Safe Journey...........Hugs, to my favorite couple.

Anonymous said...

your header photo didn't open when I visited last night...glad I came back today, it's gorgeous!!!

Glenda said...

Have a wonderful week in South Carolina, miss you, Happy Trails!