Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Consolidate, it is better to have one payment.

(From Wildwood, Florida)

On my few hunting trips (nearly always with Sonny) I had time to learn a little more about my best friend. Around the camp fire with chickens roasting, we were talking about our earlier lives and the subject of his ‘famous wreck’ came up.

Long before insurance was a requirement, and honesty reigned in business transactions Sonny was driving on Wilkinson Blvd on a slick road, and like many in those days he had bald tires. He slid across the center lane and hit a 1954 Ford. He knew it was his fault, so over a period of years he paid for the Ford. It was a tough call, at the time he worked in a cotton mill in Paw Creek.

During that same period the ‘money sellers’ came up with the idea of loaning you the money to pay off all your debts, and have one EASY PAYMENT, consolidation they called it! Sonny said I fell for it because the Lord knew we needed an Easy Payment. But the Lord had nothing to do with it.

Everything went good for a couple months until they needed something else, and before long he found himself with more ‘little’ EASY payments.

He said, “Let me tell you Jack, when you are bringing home $32 a week there AIN’T NO EASY PAYMENTS!” BUT over the years my buddy learned to take care of their money (Probably Sherry’s sister had a lot to do with it). They lived in the Mill House for years and when the Mill closed they bought the house. For years Sonny and Colette lived on an oasis in the center of declining houses. They  always had a full yard of grass, neatly trimmed and cut.

Colette kept flowers hanging on the porch and on the Old well cover. Sonny had planted oaks that were 2” thick at the base, when Sonny passed on, those trees were 3 and 4 feet thick.  They had the nicest porch to sit, swing, rock and talk about all the trips..

scan1996-97 064

Kitty Hawk, NC

scan1996-97 065

Williamsburg, VA

scan1996-97 0821

Falmouth, NovaScotia

Over the years they loved to travel with us. We visited Hollywood, the Bad Lands. Mt. Rushmore, Corn Palace, Nova Scotia, Plymouth, San Antonio, New Orleans, Canada, Niagara Falls, and more. However, 2-3 weeks was max, they were ready to be HOME!

scan1994-96 073scan1994-96 004

Bardstown, ‘My Old KY Home’/ Me ‘n Sonny At Mark Twain’s home, Hannibal Missouri..

Consolidation? I wish I could consolidate all the friends I have had, It would be nice to have them in one bunch. A village, where on retirement we could sit in the shade, drink tea and remember the early times.

But alas, your friends leave (or you do), so enjoy the day, your present friends and your memories.

As our friend the Blue Ridge Boomer says, “EVERY DAY IS A GIFT!”

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Yeah, it is one of THOSE days. A day to think!


1954 Ford Fairlane Sedan

There is Sonny’s ‘54 Ford he bought but never drove.



It would be nice to consolidate all our friends and we could all live in the same town and get together whenever we pleased.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree 100% with Tary - that would be so much fun and so interesting - I think. sandie

shirl72 said...

Sonny was a wise man. Had very
little to say unless you were his

Friends are Angels who lift us to
our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Paula said...

why did Sonny not drive his cute little car? My sister's first car looked like that except it was brown.

Louis la Vache said...

So why didn't Sonny drive that Ford?
The inquiring mind of «Louis la Vache» wants to know...

betty said...

I like your idea of consolidating friends, Jack. Heaven could be like that, don't you think??


Mevely317 said...

Here I was reading and wondering what to say ... and Betty just said it! (Love that lady!)

PS - I'd have loved the opportunity to know Sonny; but you know what? Perhaps there's lots of Sonnys out there, just waiting to be known and appreciated!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like Betty's answer. You have been blessed to have so many good friends. Traveling the way you do, you probably have more than most of us. It's officially Spring now but you'd never know it here. It's 24 degrees outside right now. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Friends are "da bomb" :D It would be nice to have all of mine, that are left, in one little retirement community...love your idea Jack...consolidating our friends!!!

I've lost so many blog friends...for various reasons...it's absolutely wonderful that on this first day of SPRING 2013 I can still come and visit you and your blog.

Jackie said...

One day, we will be consolidated and will be able to chat and laugh with each other face to face. I pray that all our dear family and friends will be in the presence of the Lord. That is a prayer that I continue to have...
Love your blog. Reading your words and looking at your photos, bring back such wonderful memories.
When I was a little girl, Daddy and Mama took my sister and I to Kitty Hawk. I will never forget being at and being able to touch the place of the first flight.
You and Sherry have had so many wonderful memories. I'm glad that you are logging them here for us to share with you.
Hugs to you both,

Lucy said...

Jack, I think we all have a lot of faith in our friends on blogger. Who knows what the future has for all of us. Sounds like fun.