Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is it Allergies?

(On the road to NC this morning, posting early)

In my entire life I do not remember having any reactions during the pollen season of Spring. And besides, we haven’t even had much spring, and here I am sneezing myself silly, eyes watering and nose running.  I ask my self “Self, do you have a cold?”


I answer my self, “Heck no I don’t get colds anymore!  So it must be allergies!”

I thought allergies were for you classy and rich folk, I didn’t know common folk were allowed to have them.  My mama wouldn’t even know the word, or at least I never heard it growing up.

Maybe it is an ‘OLD AGE’ thingy.   What ever it is, I ain’t alikin it!

I noticed it first in South Carolina, everything out in the woods was covered with the green pollen, or that is what I think it is.  What ever it is I am going to protest against it, can I do that?

Do animals react to the allergies? I don’t see these silly squirrels or alligators sneezing.  Not even the dogs folks are walking around are sneezing.

I can’t help it, I make a terribly loud noise when I sneeze. It’s that little tickle up my nose, yep here comes a sneeze!  STEP BACK! Now I am gonna stop. (I hope).

I’ll be careful, I don’t want to spread this, so I will have this post checked for virus before posting it.

Wait, allergies are not spreadable are they?

Okay this is my SILLY POST the gripe nothing can be done about, but thanks for listening I must stop and SNEEEEZE!

Oh, did you know that your breath escapes at up to 200mph when you sneeze? (That could blow away a lot of stuff!)Surprised smile


I just checked, your eyeballs cannot pop out if you sneeze with your eyes open. Don’t worry about that any more. Winking smile

Nite Shipslog


Maybe I’ll take an aspirin, if I was in the Navy, that is what I would get at sick bay. LOL



Long before Allergies were born!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Well I'm laughing at that picture you had in your post...sure do hope you are feeling better and it is not a cold. Some mornings I sneeze and must be all the dust in my house as we surely do not have any pollen here. Your mention of it reminded me of how it would be at the campground in the spring and that is a good memory. Thankfully I don't have allergies to it. Hope you have safe travels today and enjoy the trip.Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Elizabeth said...

Be careful with those sneezes, Jim had a retina tear once when he sneezed hard. The pollen is bad at our house,I have to wipe everything down on the patio and front porch, every morning

Woody said...

Even with all this SNOW still hanging around I woke up stuffed up, eyes running and sure enough I checked and the trees are budding!!! Hope you 2 are doing OK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

allergies were around when I was a kid but they were rare enough that a person with allergies was thought odd! I was allergic to eggs as a toddler but grew out of it, ingested many an egg when I lived on the farm with nary an ill effect! now it seems almost everyone has allergies, to something. darn it, you got me thinking about sneezing and now I'm sneezing and nose feels drippy :D you sure you checked your post for allergens? :D

BTW I'm including a blanket in this comment for the scantily clad sneezing lady :D

Helen said...

Back in our younger days it was called hay fever. I have no idea why because haying was done in the fall.
My doctor when my children were born had the running eyes, nose and sneezing. I asked if he was sick. He said no it's just hay fever, I do this every spring.
I have sneezed more all winter than I ever have. I have been seeing a lot of yellow pollen on cars this spring. I am trying to stay inside.
Prayers that you two have a safe trip home.


Both my hubby and daughter had allergies. hope you don't pop any buttons when you sneeze. LOL

Paula said...

Oh yes Helen is right it was called hay fever but I don't remember having it until the last few years. Sometime it settles in my teeth, sometime in my ear. I have it today and it's miserable.

Lucy said...

Bless you!! Joe has been doing that to. He seems to have it off and on all year around. He does not pop any buttons

Chatty Crone said...

That was funny - hey animals can have allergies our poor dog has them. He has to be treated and taken care of just like us. We have allergies too - we are probably allergic to each other. sandie

Jackie said...

Jack...I know we must be related.
I must do a genealogy search immediately!!
The same thing is happening to ME!!
I don't have allergies...never had, and I don't get colds. BUT this week, something freaky is going on with the watery eyes and the sneezing...and I even have a tickley cough. The pollen is everywhere (laying in yellow streaks all over the grass and ground)...but it always has done this, and I have never been affected. This year...sigh. I can't tell you how miserable I feel. I, too, wondered, if I have a cold. Gee Whiz. What's going on/around??
Feel better soon...

Mevely317 said...


Must be a "momma" thing, but my own mother would become almost offended if I suggested she had allergies. Like that was a sissy thing or something Always made us smile ... behind her back, of course!

Hope you're feeling better real soon!

shirl72 said...

Well it eraced my first comment.
I forgot what I said I think it
was something about sneezing.
Enjoyed the visit today it was
good seeing everybody. I'm sure
we will have more while you are
in town. Chicken was good.

Dar said...

Must be going around. we have been sneezing too, but cuz of the pollen ya'll are sneezin' my way :-/ we still have way too much snow on the ground. There is a warming trend going on tho. It was 40 out today and I got the mail in my tee shirt.
(and pants)...funny pic. You stinker, I saw ya lookin'

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» likes the new masthead photo!

Fred Alton said...

Hey Jack! That sneezing and runny nose thing is common for me each morning. Baby daughter was allergic to 73 kinds of food - including peanut butter (of all things)! However, after prayer for healing and a spiritual committment on her Mom's part, she grew through that stage and is healthy and strong today. Get better soon. We had two huge Maple trees trimmed yesterday, so lots of pollen in the air here for now. BTW I love your new header picture. That must be one from your recent cruise?