Saturday, November 17, 2018

Just some stuff

Cars of beauty and art:

            THAT Rolls Royce!

For tonight:
As an RV’er I take notice of nice coaches. Just yesterday we had lunch with my friend and former pastor the Right Reverend Wayne Carter and his new bride Joyce. We also checked our mail while in Eustis. On the way home I noticed an Entegra Coach ahead.

Entegras' can reach the million $ mark. I noticed an odd but beautiful tow vehicle. I wanted to get close to check it out. Fortunately he was making a left and I was going straight. So I got a good look. That car was a toad alright, but was not was not being towed. A nice looking young lady was driving, so close you knew it belonged to the coach. I was stunned seeing the simple RR just in front of the door, until it finally registered. That is a Rolls Royce. I am so ignorant, I thought the Rolls was still produced in the 1940’s design. I have seen many top dollar coaches, but this is the first time I  ever saw one accompanied by a Rolls. Had I anticipated that, the camera would have been READY but it wasn’t. I looked the vehicles up on the net.

(This is called the Rolls Royce Dawn, starts at $346,000.00)

Oh, there are some words that tell your age. That sweetheart Jean down in Opp said, “I’m glad you got everything out of the ‘ICEBOX’ this time!”
Mama had an Icebox until I was about 7. I loved to see the ice man coming in the summer. It always amazed me how he could chip out a perfect cube of ice and carry it with those tongs, thru our house to the kitchen and put it in the Icebox without dropping it. Adults took time with kids then. The iceman would let us pick up the ice chips to eat. Long after the refrigerator was invented and became popular we called them the Icebox!
I mentioned a few days ago here on Shipslog, that Rick, up in Sloss Hollar, still 'Cranks ' his truck while the rest of you 'start yours.'
Skil invented the power saw. For at least 40 years every power saw was called a Skil saw, no matter the brand of the saw being used.
That is it for the night. I learned something yesterday. Even the Rolls gave up a classic look and looks like other nice new expensive cars.
Do you remember any other Iconic inventions that were known by the inventer's name?

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that sounds like a pretty fancy coach and car. awesome.

NanaDiana said...

The thing that comes to my mind is all the diseases and medical conditions that are named after the doctors that figured out what they the Salk vaccine, Graves disease, etc.

That Rolls is really a sporty thing, isn't it? I would love to take a ride in that baby. It always wonders me what people do for a living that can afford to live like that.

Have a great day- xo Diana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I wouldn't know a Rolls either if I saw one. That coach is a classy one for sure. Nice too you got to see and old friend while you were out. Hope you both enjoy a happy Sunday!

Lisa said...

Ive never seen a Rolls like this newer one. I always picutured the old style. I showed this to Nick. I told him it looks sort of like a Dodge. He look at my over the top of his glasses and in a serious voice said “yea, BUT ITS NOT”. Hahah.

Happy Sunday.

betty said...

Wow, I can't imagine spending that much money for a car, even if it is a Rolls Royce! What a sight to see though! My mom too would tell stories of the ice man coming with the ice. Oh how times have changed!


Mevely317 said...

Oh my goodness! The 'haves' and the 'have nots' sharing the same patch of earth. I'd have been tempted to follow, to see if the driver(s) wasn't perhaps a famous celebrity. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a Rolls; I, too, believed they were still manufactured in the 40's style and only belonged in places like NYC, London and Paris.

I don't recall the ice man, but Tom remembers when the coal truck would make regular deliveries to his grandparent's place in Chicago. Sorry, I can't think of any iconic inventions right now.