Friday, November 30, 2018

Studies, government and others

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     The dune buggy, did you  ever own one? not me.
Govt Study: Cellphone Radiation Causes Cancer in Rats
I remember Sherry once worried about holding the cell phone to her ear for long periods of time.  As I see my fellow Americans all holding the cells to their ears, as they walk, run, drive or sit in a restaurant, I know she is not quite that bad.

I have no idea how much that affect is on humans. But it seems in the past few years it would be easy to find some study that backs about any point of view you may have.

It is like that about us smokers (me a former smoker), “Hey I just read a study that a cigarette serves as a relaxer, and cuts down stress.  You know Stress kills more than cigarettes?”  or
“I have an uncle who is 95 and smokes two packs a day.”
“Yeah it could be bad for you, but so is being obese. My friends who quit are now very obese, which is worse?”
I could go on but you get the idea, we all justify our attitudes, life and habits. Right or wrong we try to do our best.  However, it doesn’t seem to suit everyone.  

Sherry and I talk about our son’s and grand’s lives (at least once a week (wink)). WE ALWAYS KNOW what is BEST, IF they would just do it (but don’t express it to them). HA!  I have noticed during my nearly 80 years on this planet that ‘if I am worrying about someone else’s life I can ignore problems of mine that I cannot solve!’  I think that is pretty normal for us humans.

WOW, today in my own life, I am smiling more. Trying to hold my girl tight more. Some problems are being solved, like our biggest concern, our wheel estate. Things are on track. We talked to the ‘fixer’ lately and an end is in sight. Sometime next week is the projected ‘end’ to the motorhome drama. She will have a new entry carpet, new Living room subfloor, new flooring in the living room, new refrigerator, new windshields and hopefully fully operative windshield wipers.
Although we now have two empty houses, fully furnished, the Motorhome is still our HOME and we miss it. 
Some place in upper Michigan....
Someplace in Florida... Same bed, same coach, same home only the Toad has changed.

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Lisa said...

What gets me is seeing all the people walking around shopping and talking to themselves. No not really. They have those blue toothe ear phones that keep them hands free and it looks like they are talking to themselves.
I know you cant wait for your wheelestate to be finished.

“You know your in love when you take your bed with you everyhere you go”

betty said...

Hubby and me try to solve everyone's problems here, LOL. If they would only listen. But then did I listen to my mom?

Glad to hear there's an end in sight on when the motor home will be coming back home to the two of you!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I learned long ago that I have little control over things, so I let go and let God take care of it. He is a much better manager of life than I am for sure. It seems most everything is bad for us and has side effects, but the best way I know to live is take everything in moderation. Too much of anything is not always good for us. Glad things are on track there...I'm not so sure about here, but I'm trying.

Glenda said...

Just keep smiling and holding on tight to your girl, it's all gonna "come out in the wash"! [Quoting my Mama] Hugs, Glenda

Mevely317 said...

Ooooh man, your Paragraph #3 sure applies to this reader! (and yes, I STILL have these conversions with myself.)

My biggest take-away? ".... if I am worrying about someone else’s life I can ignore problems of mine that I cannot solve!" I used to chastise my mother for worrying, and wouldn't you know, I've gone and turned into her!

Hugs from rainy Coosada!

Dar said...

Solving others problems never seems to work anyway so no sense in wasting time trying. Even if others would listen, it still wouldn't solve my own problems. lol Like 'MA' says, let go and let God take care of it. It's such great advise.
love n' hugs from up north where we have winter weather advisories for our county with heavy snow, drizzling, wind gusts up to 35mph dropping many inches of we go. Winter is here!!!!


trying to solve everybodys problems is a burden too big to bear thats for sure.