Monday, November 12, 2018

I remember diapers!

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Today on our walk we passed a young couple getting out of their car. I am about sure they had been to the grocery store. I noticed a large pack of disposal diapers as we waved.  After a few steps I mentioned that young marrieds have no idea what it is like to use and reuse cotton diapers like some of us did.
I laughed, this is what I got when I searched for hanging diapers>  LOL

We never took it as a terrible chore to rinse a dirty diaper out in the commode.  I was just glad we had a commode to clean them in. I’m smiling now at how sweet my Sherry is. I once moved us into an old house. It had a nice outhouse because it had no indoor plumbing and of course no hot water heater. But that was after one of the boys was in school and the other was out of diapers.  LOL That girl never once complained!

 (Yeah I also helped hang diapers, even when they froze stiff!)

Of course on the way to becoming rich I moved her into a converted chicken house for about a year I think. We did have indoor plumbing and a hot water heater, but we still hung the diapers out on the line.  I have heard of young couples who decided to use cotton diapers lately. I wonder how they followed thru on the plan.

So I had to look it up, how many diapers go to the landfill?

An estimated 20 billion disposable diapers are added to landfills throughout the country each year, creating about 3.5 million tons of waste. According to a report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, disposable diapers introduce pathogens into the environment from the solid waste they contain. Dec 31, 2016

Now were we nice to the environment in the 1940-1970s? You betcha.

I remember the diapers made good cleaning rags and great to wash the car. I think we might even have passed the good ones down to other couples.

Do you remember what you did with the good diapers once the kids were out of them? Just curious. Because my Sherry does not remember.  WHAT? Don't tell me you never washed diapers?  hahahahaha  I am probably older than I thought.
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PS: About the environment, Growing up most families had 50 gallon drums in which they burned waste.  All the table scraps fed the dogs or was saved for neighbors that raised hogs. Very little was wasted. I still think it is better for the environment to burn rather than to bury the poisons that take a hundred years to become nontoxic.  But that is Just my opinion!


betty said...

I know I didn't wash diapers but I'm pretty sure my mom washed plenty of them. We were of the disposable era and I thought of convenience over what it was doing to the landfill (terrible I know).


Chatty Crone said...

I remember those days too - we kept the diapers and used them for anything and everything unless they looked really bad.

Lisa said...

I remember mom using them on my little brother and sister and the foster babies. She was good at getting them on tight and not sticking any babies with the diaper pins. Yes she washed them out in the commode and tossed them in the washing machine.
I still have a couple diapers in my linen closet. I used pampers on my girl but used my old cloth baby diapers as burping cloths. Now I use them for dust rags. Can’t wear them things out!.

From rainy cold Gtown


i kept the diapers for baby number two.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had 7 children and did a lot of diapers. No disposable ones for me. I had a dryer, but when it was nice out I liked to hang them out on the line. There is nothing like sunshine to make white things whiter. I bought gifts of diapers for the new born grands too. Their moms used them for burp clothes. I used the old ones for rags too. You are right on with how bad they are for our environment. I've even seen dirty diapers along the road side where someone had thrown them out of their car window while traveling. They say waste not, want not, and disposable diapers are a waste. But still they remain very popular.

Dar said...

I used cloth diapers on the first two, and disposables on the last...the disposables are Not disposable. The grands all have worn them and they DO NOT BURN nor do they do the landfill any good...taking a lifetime to decay. We even send the soiled ones home with the parents for Them to dispose of. The cloth diapers went to the rag bag after we were through with them.....Bill loved them for clean-up after oil changes. Parents that use them now, have diaper services so they don't have to wash them themselves...a lazy way out.
love n' hugs from up north where our high today was 14. Baby, it's cold outside.

Mevely317 said...

Oh my word, I'm over here trying to keep from gagging - just from the memory of Troy's fetid diaper 'pail'! Man, that thing was nasty. I think disposables were just beginning to be sold, but we were far too poor to spend on them.

Rick Watson said...

My mom had five kids and washed diapers in an old Maytag with a wringer on top.
I think we, as a country, have grown soft.