Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Losing a few, but still winning a little at a time.

Cars of beauty and art:
The years of the upside down bathtubs.

'47 Packard

 1949 Nash 

For tonight:
No one likes to fail at anything.  Lately I have failed at setting time on my Fitbit. That isn’t bad enough but the last one I bought it took me a week to set the time and the next day I lost it somewhere???

I’m stubborn also, so I ordered another one. I finally got the time set on it. I did not know this one had to stay close to the telephone or it disconnected. Is that normal? Once disconnected it reset back to its birth settings, and now I cannot remember how I set the time.  Both times I got them set was luck, trying so many different ways.  It is packaged for a return as I type! I need tape, it is in the motor home. LOL

And we have our power with Duke Energy. I received a notice e-mail to contact them by Dec. 15 or I could no longer manage my accounts, remain paperless and have the bill deducted from our bank account. Tonight I tried for the 3rd time top follow their instructions and must have failed because I never got past them recognizing a new password that they had just approved.

I cannot go to their office because no one has local offices anymore. I cannot converse on the phone, so I will do it the old fashioned way, I will write them a letter.  IF I CAN FIND AN ADDRESS. True.  If I send the letter to the place where the bill goes, it goes unanswered, because the processors are only bill processors.  I just don’t fit anymore.

Anyway there is a BRIGHT spot. We visited our Motor home in the hospital. She has brand new windshields. Hallelujah! Not completely finished but they are in place lacking one part that is on order.  Of course while the windshield was out, they removed the old refrig and moved the new one inside. Mr. Fixit man says just after that part they will install the Refrig, do the floors and wipers.  Thank goodness that after the Windshields, it is just ‘grunt’ work, it was the windshields I was worried about. At least I can smile about something.

Sorry, I just wanted to vent tonight. Life is still good.
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betty said...

I don't know anything about Fitbits so can't help you there. You would think they would be easier to reset time with and not have the issue of disconnecting if not close to a phone. That is great news about the motor home. Should hopefully be fixed soon!


Jean said...

I don't have a fitbit and wouldn't know what to do with it if I I hope you get your home on wheels back soon. I bet it will be like living in anew one. It has been cold here in Alabama if it not cold it's raining. Take care. Jean

Mevely317 said...

Year before last Tom bought me something similar (poor cousin to the Fitbit). Well, before the year was out something happened to its brain and it 'accidentally-on-purpose' became lost. Why I didn't just opt for a plain old pedometer I don't know. They even have apps on your cell phones that measure your steps.

Congratulations on becoming one step closer to your treasured wheel-estate!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you have something to SMILE about. New technology can be frustrating and when it comes to customer service on the net, it is frustrating. I hope some satisfaction comes your way for all your efforts. Meanwhile keep looking for those golden nuggets in every day!

Unknown said...

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Glenda said...

Jack, my sympathy on tech frustrations, my dash information on the Ford somehow got switched from English language to French ~ a pain in the patootie and I couldn't figure it out. When I took the vehicle in for routine oil change, I asked the service guy about it and was assured they could fix it ~ didn't happen. Finally, yesterday I stopped in and got a guy who was able, after some time, to get it resolved. Exasperating when stuff like that happens. MA has the answer ~ keep looking for those "golden moments"!!!

Dar said...

Some technology I love, most, I do not. Sorry I can't help with your fitbit...if Syrus was here, he'd be able to help you in a snap! If I need help with the computer, cameras, phones, tv, he's the one I ask. He is so technical savvy for a young teenager. Today's world is built for them and their futures. I'm one of the illiterate ones. Glad to hear the coach is coming right along. Soon you'll be back on the road again in your happy place. Happy trials !!!!
love n' hugs from up north...the estate sale starts in the morning so we are nearing the end of that long project. Life is Good.

Lisa said...

I have worn a fitbit now for about 4 years. I love it! The reason it needs to be near your phone is only to update any chances you make such as the time or to sync the steps you make. This is because it works through blue tooth. Everytime you open the fitbit app on your phone it will sync your daily activitie. As far as the time. One time set is all you need to do. I use my fit bit mostly for the alarm haha. But I do keep up with my steps too.
Why are we not fitbit friends? Im gonna go look for ya now.