Thursday, November 15, 2018

We have moved! HA!

 Cars of beauty and art:
              1938 Jaguar, this would suit me to tool around in, IN FLORIDA!

For tonight: 
Yep we have moved. We moved out of the motor home into the guest house in anticipation of the motor home going to the MH Hospital, aka KARV RV repair in Debary. That is only about 8 miles away.

We have done this now two or three times in the last couple months. We are still not good at it. I built us a temp computer desk.  It puts me closer to my Sweetheart. I can kiss her a lot now. TRUE!
           (My girl doesn't like to be photographed)
I do have a question about cooking. Yesterday was my time to cook. I had decided to do a ‘beef roast’. I have never fixed a roast (that I remember).  At the neighborhood mkt I picked a nice piece of beef, fairly cheap, Chuck Roast. I figured even if it was tough, the pressure cooker would take care of that. I browned it, added some beef broth, then an extra tsp of Beef powder. I have no idea about herbs and spices so I always use Mrs. Dash. Since Garlic is supposed to help you live forever I use a tbsp of minced. I chopped a half onion and pressured it all for 14 minutes. Dropped the pressure and added 5 potatoes quartered, 4 carrots and the rest of the onion. Threw in some salt and pepper. Then pressured it all for another 12-13 minutes.
I thickened the juice and served my pretty wife. She said it was wonderful. BUT it was a little tough to me. The flavors were great together. We have had it two days now and still have beef leftover.
NOW, what cut of meat would have been better? I mean actually tenderer?  I don’t expect it to melt in my mouth but I want it tender

I got sidetracked on the cooking. 

About our short move. I have made at least 8 trips back out to the Coach to get something we forgot. We like the little house but actually I think the motor home has a bigger kitchen and more storage.  I haven’t cooked here yet.  I am guessing we will be here for at least 7 days before the coach actually leaves here, then 4-6 days for the work. So I will get a chance to try the kitchen out. I have an electric pressure cooker here that has never been tried. Friend Evelyn has one and says I will really like it.
Do you use a pressure cooker?
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PS: Would adding wine to the broth before pressure tenderize the meat?


betty said...

I don't have a pressure cooker. I keep wondering if I should get one, but haven't yet. When I cook a roast, I get the rump roast (or equivalent; there's another name for it, but I'm not recalling it yet). For my roast, I have this recipe that uses a lot of spices, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, etc., mixed together with a packet of Italian dressing and an 8 an ounce can of tomato sauce. The roast literally falls apart when you are trying to remove it from the crock pot. I put potatoes and carrots in with the roast in the crock pot and all come out yummy. Glad things are moving forward with getting the motor home going so you can be on the road again.



don't forget to take everything out of the fridge.

Lisa said...

I have never used a pressure cooker. For a roast, I will get a chuck roast. Put it in a crock pot with a cut onoin and add a little water or beef broth. Cook it for at least 4 hours. Adding the potatos and carrots to the last 2 hours.
I hear a lot of people talk about how much they love the “Insta Pot” and how it will cook a meal like this in less than an hour but I never tried one of those either.

Sun finally

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've made chuck roasts and have even used my crockpot to do so, but they do take to slow cooking in the oven or whatever. Using your pressure cooker should have made it tender, maybe you just needed to cook a little longer. Rump roasts are more tender and so are top sirloin , but I've never used a pressure cooker so I'd have not idea how much time they'd need. My cook book says that marinating your meat before cooking will make it tenderer. When I have leftover roast and vegetables, I cut the meat up and put it in some gravy making it a stew. Now you've made me hungry for a good roast. Enjoy that guest house, that's what it's there for. Your home away from home...

Chatty Crone said...

Well I had a real old pressure cooker that rocked - the t op that is - it always made me feel that is was going to explore -

I brown my roast - add spices - and a little beef broth - i cook it for hours and hours. Melts in your mouth. I cook it at at 225 all day for about 8 hours.

Mevely317 said...

How cute, your make-shift computer desk!
Since my cooking skills are slim-to-none, I just checked with the boss. Tom says he almost always buys a chuck roast to do our favorite … Mississippi Pot Roast. Only 5 ingredients: the roast, sprinkle one packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dry dressing + 1 packet of au jus (dry) mix … plop 1 stick butter on top, and add 5-6 pepperoncinis. (That's right … NO liquid.) Cover and cook on low 6-7 hours and the meat literally falls apart. Now I'm getting hungry. Again!