Sunday, November 18, 2018

Grandpa and Grandma is not just for old people anymore!

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For now:
Grandpas.  I enjoy watching my sons since Jack Jr became Grandpa and Mark is Paw Paw.  Amazing how silly men can be.  Hahahaha Even our sons……..

But it is a treat seeing life be life.  One of the prideful things in life is for a new mom and dad to hold that first child. What a joy, one that is hard to explain. Two people creating life, then watching the building blocks of our lives. Humans get to really pet and feed their young, they are helpless. It seems strange that some animals seem to be born ready to face the world. The calf and colt walk right away.  The turtle without a mama around must start looking for food, there is no teat for milk.

But we get to touch, hold, bath and smell our young. Seeing them off to school, then some off to college, and seeing many of our young find THAT love. And then it is their turn to create another human and it is not just a son or daughter, BUT A GRANDSON OR GRANDDAUGHTER.  For some reason the GRANDS are thrilling in so many ways, even as our own off spring were.
            (Jack Jr has 8, I have pictures of 4)
 Above is  Rosemary Elizabeth
 Jude Atticus is holding the latest grand, his sister Kennedy Grayson

            This is Elsie Mae out in Utah

That is when the normal older man and woman seem to lose their common sense. No longer are the words ‘grandpa or grandma’ words for old people, but it is our SONS!

 Mark's Two Grands: Above is Stella Dawn and below is Maverick David

Enjoy it boys, life is good.  Your children done us proud, I know your children’s children will do you proud. So go ahead, enjoy a great phase of life. Grand kids!
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betty said...

All the great grands are getting so big!! Being grandparents has truly been a blessing for me and hubby. Its fun to be part of the wee one's life without the constant worry I seemed to have raising my own kids and I'm enjoying every minute I get to spend with him.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have 21 grand children, but none of my children are grandparents, yet anyway. The grands I have are ages 3 to 25 so the possibility is out there, still not a reality. Being a GG'ma' is something I am looking forward to. Children are such a blessing. You have much to be thankful for there. I'm sure your sons do make great wonderful grandpas.

Glenda said...

Your Grands have the coolest names EVER!!! Of course, they are all beautiful, great genes!

Mevely317 said...

Ha ... that Glenda just stole my opening line!
One of my favorite photos ever was a candid shot of my dad holding his new grandson … the look on his face, priceless. Unfortunately, I fear the photo was a casualty of too many moves, but it's etched in my mind. I can't wait to be a great-g'ma!

Jean said...

My youngest grandchild is five and the oldest is near the mid forty mark. I really have more great grands than grands. Now could I be telling my age.(smile) Beautiful g-grands you and Sherry have. Take care, Jean.

Dar said...

Each one of our dozen Grandloves hold such special places in our hearts. They have wonderful parents that have brought them into our lives bringing daily joy. Over the weekend I watched Andy's 2 yr. old with the help of his 15 yr. old big brother, Sy. What a lot of fun we had while his other two hunted with Bill and Andy. The stories, the new memories, the laughter, is all sooooo contagious. Life was wonderful as a parent and enlarged as grandparents. Families gathering around a table brings even more thanks as our hands intertwine with tiny hands. Life is GRAND!!!
love n' hugs from our grand-ful home to yours

Lisa said...

You have such lovely children. I cant hardly wait til my girl gets married and has us a grand baby. Time is ticking. We hope for at least a purposal soon. But lawd, I dont know if she will ever get out of my apron pocket!

Candy said...

Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing your family with all of us Jack & Sherry ☺ Grandkids are a beautiful extension, easier too!


being a grandparent is precious indeed.