Friday, November 16, 2018

We will adjust at least for a few days!

Cars of beauty and art:
 1928 Mercury Sedan   
They called those back doors, 'Suicide Doors' because they opened into the wind.

For tonight:
Okay about the comments, thanks for the advice I will try the Rump roast next. But I did smile at Tarryt’s comment, ‘Empty the refrigerator’ for this move. That was the first thing Sherry did. LOL
Here we have HULU?, Netflix, and  normal ‘air’ channels but we sit at the computers for entertainment. Sherry has started turning on the TV for the weather and local news.  Maybe we will ease back into TV.  We really do not know how to use the HULU and Netflix things.
I guess we should join the rest of society and use the smart phones. Sherry does have two of those, she actually does use one for FB sometimes.. There are times folks look at us funny with Sherry carrying 2 phones. The story behind that is, at one time I could talk on the phone so I had one. Once I went deaf and now have the implants, I cannot converse ‘well’ on the phones even using the speaker option. We went to the phone company to drop one phone and they declared it would not lower our costs, so we kept them.
I text to keep in contact at times, but mostly using the voice to text option. I don’t thumb type too well. We spent the night here last night, I smile to myself at how much I miss our ‘little’ home. Everything has its place (even though it may not be in it! ;-). )
Also, I thought it would be cute to cover the rough wood used for this table, with scrap carpet, forgetting about the ‘mouse pad’, but surprising it works ok as a mouse pad'.

I just thought, I must go out to the motor home and get my ‘water pick’.

We moved out early just for that reason, we should be adjusted and not have to drive 8 miles to pick something up we forgot with three or four days to adjust. 

Sherry got a call today, they want the motor home on Wednesday. they will not work Thanksgiving and start on Friday!

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betty said...

I'm a terrible texter. I can't seem to do it with my thumbs either and hunt and peck and usually have lots of typos in my texts. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime where you can access movies, etc. I'm sure we'll downsize to one or the other in time, but enjoy the benefits of both of them currently. We got rid of cable back in March and haven't even missed it at all!



Chatty Crone said...

I don't use my thumbs either - I hunt and peck on the phone. Good you emptied the icebox.
Do you have a phone company there called Cricket - There is no contract. We have four phones - each one is $25, Unlimited everything. Awesome.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Great idea to move out early so you could remember everything you forgot. We truly do not miss things until we no longer have them. I have Netflix set up on my TV and enjoy it. However, it took the help of one of my sons to do so. I'm not very technical at all. I would miss my computer if I didn't have it, but if something goes wrong, I have to call one of the boys for help. Texting has become a way of life for many. I'll often hear from one of family or friends in a text message more often than I get a phone call these days, so you are not the only one using their phone for texting instead of calling. Hope you enjoy getting reacquainted with your guest house.

Jean said...

I'm like you I can't text are type anything unless it's a keyboard without so many typing mistakes. I have a friend who rather text me then talk on the phone that doesn't go to well with me.(smile) I don't turn the tv on much since Grover passed away and thinking about canceling my cable. You and Sherry take care. Jean

Mevely317 said...

I'm learning to tolerate texting, but man oh-man it takes me forever! My cell phone has really been acting out, too. Somewhere between 2:28 and 5:30 this morning I was mulling over getting rid of it and seeing if Verizon wouldn't cut our bill. Small world! Now I know better than to ask.

We're still under a contractual agreement with DISH network, but next Spring I'd love to tell them to take a hike. Trouble is, we're clueless about things like Netflix, etc. Somedays I wish it were 1959 again and I could just get up, walk across the room and choose one of 3 channels. LOL.

NanaDiana said...

Texting is okay- I use my voice option for texting because the kids like to text rather than talk! lol
We love Netflix and have to learn how to use it because there are lots of interesting documentaries, etc. on Netflix.
I hope you and your sweet bride have a wonderful, blessed Sunday- Diana