Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Weather North and South, and good news for us Gypsies

Cars of beauty and art:
 Ah, the Edsel!

 WOW! Darla up in the North woods of Wisconsin said it was 14 degrees yesterday! Okay I shivered a little then remembered we had the A/C on.(UPDATE SHE SAYS ZERO TONIGHT!)  ouch!
It is amazing what the curvature of the earth does to the weather. The fat part at the equator is closer to the sun and stays balmy all year round. But then as the earth curves away from the Sun it gets COLD
(Da Yoopers Tourist Trap, Upper Michigan, Cheryl, Dar & Mel's sister lives in this area We didn't know that when we drove thru. That is a 1955 Buick Snow Plow!)

Now down South we do have some freezing weather, in NC is has been known to go below zero, BUT VERY SELDOM. And even when it does it doesn’t last long.
Our first introduction to real cold was when I was transferred from Biloxi Mississippi, 80 degrees to Kirksville, Missouri -13 degrees. So icy slick we had to have a wrecker come and pull the trailer into a parking spot.
Old Woody over in NY says it will snow there and most likely it will stay on the ground until spring. It was the same in Kirksville. Darla and her sisters will see snow most of the winter.
My neighbor, Mr. Walker, noticed I was doing what we did in North Carolina, I was wrapping our water pipes in newspaper to keep them from freezing. Mr. Walker was a nice guy he didn’t laugh, but introduced me to ‘heat tape’ to keep the lines from freezing.
Cold? I can handle it. I have sided houses in the sleet. But my girl is COLD NATURED. She is very happy to have a home on wheels IN WHICH we can follow FALL SOUTH and SPRING, NORTH.
The RV update, Insurance has approved the windshield replacement, so maybe later next week we will see some movement. Our new refrigerator is at the RV repair shop awaiting the windshield removal so it can come in and old go out. Tomorrow we start moving stuff out of the motor home to make room workers to remove the carpet. Then we might can drive off soon. ;-)….
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Glenda said...

You two are making progress and that feels good ~ so happy to hear that plans are underway for getting the new fridge in and windshield replacement will get y'all back "On the Road Again".

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like things are moving forward for sure. You'll soon be good as new if not better. Yep, we here in the north have a winter weather advisory for today with snow, freezing rain and sleet. A wintry mix that could make things slick. We have the heat on and not air conditioning !

betty said...

Hope you'll be able to drive off soon! I'm sure you are both itching to go! Its funny to read about parts of the country getting snow when it is so pleasant here in Phoenix. We actually had 2 weeks where we didn't have to run the air conditioner or the heater, but then we got a "cold snap" and had to turn the heater on. I would imagine we won't have to do the air conditioner again until the springtime :)


Mevely317 said...

Yay … things are really (finally!) falling into place for y'all! After 3-1/2 days of cold, miserable weather the rain made its way east … but man, the COLD! Whew, I should be careful what I wish for. :) Tom is downright miserable and we've taken to warming towels in the clothes dryer every time the dogs have to go out to piddle. (Nope, not spoiled a bit. LOL)
Y'all are going to be SO THANKFUL to get your 'like new' Coach back on the road again!

Chatty Crone said...

You know as long as things are moving forward you don't mind the work - it's exciting to know there will be an end to all of it.

Dar said...

I'm so happy to hear things are looking up for your wheel estate. Sounds like quite the process to get the old fridg out and the new one in. Things are working out so good that you can stop shopping for new wheels.? just thinking out loud. As for our finicky weather, it actually got up to 40 gorgeous sunny degrees this afternoon...enough heat to melt some of the snow but now the yard is like a skating rink.LOL We win some and loose some. As I write this it's snowing huge snowflakes...the hunters call it 'tracking snow.' Have a great weekend getting ready to get back on the road again to travel safe.
love you guys.