Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Click Bait, how to become a millionaire in one year!

Cars of beauty and art:
'59 Chevy Apache

For tonight: 
Become a fast millionaire? Yep, those I click the 'X'  immediately. LOL 

Sherry and I are on the internet via cell signal. Therefore it is slow, at times very slow. We click on some news article and wait a little for it to load. In other words we ‘Wait’ many seconds up to a couple minutes for the click response.
There are many articles I would love to see or read, but the powers that be, on this internet, break that down into many pages or ‘clicks’, with a message like, “make sure you go to the end, you will be ‘horrified’, Thrilled, surprised or SHOCKED. Click, ‘PAGE ONE’. I generally at this time X the whole thing out.
Headlines like, “According to scientists, the world will end soon.” 

I click and get the general message on page one, then you must click to page 2.  Well if it is an actual emergency, I would be dead by the third click. I have enough sense to know it is marketing. The net decides the importance of a site by the number of ‘clicks’, and the cost to advertisers goes up.

If I want to know the most hated couple on TV I will have to click thru 9 before I learn the dastardly couple.

Oh yes, and So and So hit the red carpet with a dress leaving little to the imagination.  If I want to see it, I will have to click thru everyone on the red carpet that evening.
BUT my ‘mainest’ gripe is messenger. It takes that sucker 30-50 seconds to let you know if saw a click.  LOL

Fortunately blogger is pretty fast, and I spend a lot of time here. I tell Sherry once we get old and stop this running we will get a fast internet. Of course by then the grand GREAT GRAND kids will have to operate it for us.  hahaha

 &  I JUST READ #4. which is:
#4... Four signs you are about to die of a heart attack.
4 Signs You're About To Die Of A Heart Attack????? 

IMMA IGNORE THAT ONE, Some things I don't need to know!

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betty said...

Hubby won't continue an article if he has to click to the next page, LOL. I don't blame him. Even with fast internet it can be annoying to wait for the page to load. Of course that is kind of funny in itself because just a few years ago we never would have gotten news this fast and now we complain when it is "slow."


Lisa said...

Slow internet could be a good thing. I remember the dial up.. Now I find a wifi connection everywhere I go and everything is gernerally fast speed. But of course I use my smart phone and ipad all the time for that. We have one desk top in the house but we only use it to make spread sheets or keep records on office or word files.

Sunny and 25 here in Gtown.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No doubt you would enjoy a faster internet. Glad at least blogger hasn't slowed down for you. I'd be missing those nice comments you leave every day. We do have to be careful what we click on, there is a lot of junk out there, but truly I've met the nicest people due to blogger and don't have to worry when it comes to reading any on my reading list. Waiting is something we all do at one time or another. Internet or otherwise. We just have to remember to enjoy the moments we have.

Dar said...

Rarely do I bother to read anything that requires more than a page or a picture. I guess I'm not that patient??? Bill watches a lot of utube to learn how to fix something tho. It's usually quite helpful for him especially with being visually impaired. There isn't much my guy can't do or figure out, like you Jack. That's why you two hit it off so well...if only we could do that again. Have a lovely day with my sweet Sherry friend. Don't sweat the small stuff.
love n' hugs from up north where everything must go at the estate sale this weekend. Life is good.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, those things make me so cross - at MYSELF for being suckered into clicking on them. Finally it occurred to me, to instead, click on the 'comments' … 9 times out of 10 someone has provided the answer, saving other readers having to wade through all the marketing garbage.
Have yourselves a super day!

Chatty Crone said...

I am with you - I see so many articles I'd like to read too - they give you one line and then you have to keep clicking - I am with you!