Friday, November 23, 2018

That 'other time.'

 Cars of beauty and art:
 Since learning cars could go through a tree, Sherry wanted to do it. she finally did!

Now for today:
Map reading, as I have stated often, Sherry is the map reader. This started years before the GPS was popular. She still sits in the shotgun seat with a map on her lap, even since we have a GPS.
If you know our life, you know I ain’t never been ‘right’ (as in having a full deck). Once after I had finished our first ‘New home’ and we were going to take a trip. With honestly nowhere in mind I said, “We flip a coin at every major intersection, heads is right and tails is left.” TRUE in 30 minutes we were back at our house. I can’t remember where we went, but that idea was no good. LOL

Now for Sherry’s first map reading exciting decision.  I have told it here before, but here goes again. We were on the west coast headed north from San Diego. We were on that great drive on CA-1. It runs along the beautiful California coast line.  We came to a warning sign, “DANGER ROAD OUT DUE TO MUDSLIDE” Local traffic only.  Sherry, said, “Honey, Colette and I want to see the Hearst Castle. It is on this side of the slide, keep going.”  We did. We, being cheap (Sherry’s sister Colette & hubby (Sonny) was with us), and it was too late to spend enough time there to justify the tickets and still find a camping place for the night we did not go in the Castle.
 I said we may as well go back. “No, no honey. There is a small road a few miles further north, that goes over the mountain, we can take that.”  Sherry hates back tracking!

Sure enough, right turn just before the mud slide blocking Hwy-1, Nice 2 lane paved road.  Up the mountain. Did I say Sherry and Colette are afraid of heights? The road got steeper and much more narrow. Guard rails no longer were installed. We slowed down. Sonny reported on his side it was 300 feet straight down. The girls decided to pray. We were towing a pop up and no room to turn around without disconnecting on a 1½ lane road. We finally reached the peak and headed down. This time it was not too bad. Big trees on both sides, if we had left the road we would not have fallen over 30 feet. Into a tree, LOL.

Every one relaxed when it seemed we were out of danger. The road emptied into a huge field, a field filled with US  Army tanks. They were on maneuvers.  In a few minutes a Jeep drove up beside us,  A major asks  “What are you people doing? How did you  get here?” I told him, he smiled (half way), “No one uses that road.”

“I saw no signs to that affect, major. How do I get out of here?”
He was on his field phone for a few minutes and gave us directions. The MP’s were laughing as they waved us off the base.
No damage, So on to Yosemite.
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betty said...

That was so funny!! I'm like Sherry I don't like heights nor narrow roads. My eyes would be closed a lot if we were on that road!



what fun you had going up and down that road. i'd been scared to death.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Most maps do not show everything like the base that road went through. Glad you all made it safely with out an mishaps. I have done away with reading maps in favor of a GPS, but there have been times I'd wished I still had my maps in the car. GPS's can get a little crazy at times.

Mevely317 said...

Good for Sherry! I was never any good at deciphering road maps.
So glad you republished this story so I might enjoy another belly laugh. Have to wonder what on earth was going through that major's mind!

Dar said...

Like Sherry, I'm the map reader on most trips. We have GPS but dare to be adventurous. I love that story about the trip over the mountain, narrow passes included, but to end up in an Army maneuvers field was quite the chuckle. LOL I'd taken the same road. lol On our roadtrip this past summer, we must have detoured a couple dozen times, but oh the fun we had.
love n' hugs from up north where it's still raining the hunters out of the woods and into the cabin. lol

Lisa said...

I loved this story. Too funny. Im like Sherry, I just want to get in the floorboard and hide if Im going up a mountain like that!!!.
While reading this, it reminded me of one of the “I Love Lucy” shows where they were pulling a camper up a mountain.

From cloudy Gtown