Friday, November 22, 2019

Lint heads!!

An odd car

And now:
I really do not like ‘labels’ such as ‘trailer trash’ I used in a previous entry. My family was referred to as ‘Holy Rollers’ hundreds of times as I grew up. It sorta irks and embarrasses you to be singled out among kids your age by loud mouth smart alecks.
BUT, I just had to do it. I had almost forgotten the term until Jean of Opp used it in a comment.  Unless you have  been associated with Cotton Mills or the Textile Industry, you will not appreciate the term, ‘Lint Head.’ LOL
Before Air Conditioned mills and air filters, walking through a cotton mill the lint was in the air. Most everyone left their shift with lint all over them. No one realized that the lint could kill some folks. I had a dear friend who died due to cotton lint.
Like most ‘jobs’ or occupations, you have no idea what skill it takes to do those jobs until you try it. I mentioned it before that Sherry’s family was associated with cotton mills all their lives. She was raised on a ‘Mill Hill’. Not every occupation is tight knit, but I learned that Mill Hills were like a family.
You were a hard worker if you hung in there at ‘THE MILL.’  When I married my sweetheart she worked in a sock mill. She was called a ‘Looper’. She ran a circular machine that turned constantly and she threaded open toed socks on a machine that closed in the toe. She returned to that job to support us a couple times when I was out of work.
Tomorrow we head south. Due to the shots from yesterday and last night’s trail cameras, the cats are asking me to move their home. Last night they chose a new home due to other cats and coons visiting the home I provided. More in the AM.
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PS: All of our parents and most of out brothers and sisters worked in the mills at some time during their lives..


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Very often people are called names due to their occupations pointing out what we do, but here we had steel mills not cotton mills I wonder what they called the steel workers. I don't remember ever hearing one. I remember someone in school call me stone head because I was bashful and didn't smile much. I didn't like that one at all. Rally I don't like much of any name calling. Hope you found a place for the kittens that will work this time. Safe jouneys.

betty said...

Safe travels when you start traveling! I know my dad worked at a steel mill and my mom in some type of manufacturing plant. Its a shame those types of jobs don't exist too much in this country any more.


Chatty Crone said...

When I was ready about the cotton lint in the air I was wondering if it got in lungs too - and it did. Gosh so many people did dangerous jobs years ago and didn't even know it.
Wondering about your cats.

Mevely317 said...

Whaaaat? Poor Stormy and Zorro were ousted by carpetbaggers? Thankfully, they discovered safe haven! I wonder if your neighbor will keep an eye on them and send you updates?
Sending positive vibes for safe, uneventful travels tomorrow!

PS - Never heard of a linthead. Children can certainly be cruel.

Woody said...

South Bound and Down, Have a safe trip and enjoy the ride ! Happy for you 2 to be like Willie said; "On The Road Again ! enjoy, Love from good Old Northern New York !! Gary an Anna Mae

Powdered Toast Man said...

Was this blog post written in 1945?

Lisa said...

I worked 3 years in a mill. I tried the knitting loom job and hated it. I later worked in a dye Mill. We called it a “Dye House”. I was a cloth inspector. I remember working on top of a 120 degree conveyor belt inspecting cloth while 8 months pregnant. Then my prince came and saved me.

Catching up.