Saturday, November 9, 2019

Cat House?

Interesting Car:
 An old Motor car, can you see the England finger print?

For today:
We were disappointed, Zorro’s new home fell through. The lady does not want to get attached to another at her age and is thinking of full time in assisted living now.  That is one thing that is risky to do, as a very senior citizen, make future plans that involve more than yourself, i.e. pets and boarders.

WE ALL know that tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone.  But even banks will give a 30yr loan to a person in their 50s.  BUT anyone 80+ years of age realizes that plans for 10 years is risky at best. TWO  years if you are in good health is not a real shaky thing but 5 is a little iffy.

If you pass or must be placed in a care facility and you have one or a slew of pets, someone will have to take care of them. Many seniors could not handle it mentally, knowing that their loved pet(s) had been dropped off at the pound when they were placed in an extended care facility.
 If they show up this is a 5 sec video..
Our friend was right to double think the idea of another cat.  BUT now that leaves us with a Feral mama with a little kitten and winter coming on.  I hope I can get Stormy fixed before we leave for Florida. According to the net Zorro is way too little to be neutered.  I plan to learn the requirements to get it done.
 This might be the same one as above. It took 20 mins to load this. LOL
I am off to the web now to see if there are any hacks, ideas or hints on a home for the Feral, you know,,,,,,,, a Cat House!
Nite Shipslog
 PS:  I had placed the camera to catch the cats at play, but they did not give me a show. The next morning I forgot it was on when I lay on the floor to to play. I have it set for 5 seconds.


betty said...

It was the same video, but I enjoyed watching it, Jack. Sorry to hear Zorro's potential home fell through but I'm glad the lady was honest enough to say something before he was placed there. That is half the reason we keep debating about getting another dig. Will it outlive us? I think for dogs at least they neuter around 4 months old. Not sure about cats.


Lisa said...

Hey Jack. I’ve seen people use those large rubbermaid containers with lids as cat boxes. Just cut a door in the side a few inches from the ground. Leave the lid on. Throw in some blankets and wah la.
I usually have a big styrophome box with a lid (like a cooler) that my Nutrisystem food comes in but Ive already discarded the last one. Those would be perrrfect. Love the videos.

Freezing in Gtown

Mevely317 said...

You raise very good points about seniors and their fur babies. No matter how you look at these stories is a no-win situation … heartbreaking.
So, y'all won't be bringing Stormy and Zorro along to Florida? Lisa's suggestion sounds great!

Sheila Y said...

The videos looked different to me. I’ve been feeding a skinny stray but he’s not as friendly as yours. I hadn’t seen him in a few days so I didn’t put food out. When I was taking down the Halloween decor he was out by the curb and I asked him if he was hungry. I said well come on and I’ll give you some food. I put it out back and it wasn’t long before he came to eat it.
Take care, Sheila

Susan Kane said...

This is a problem for many pets here when their elderly owners pass away. Family members, friends? Good video.

yaya said...

I think our dog we rescued a few years ago was owned by an elderly person who passed and then the family just dumped him along the road. He was the sweetest dog ever and we had him 2 years before he died. When we would walk he would always stop and look at every car that sad but we gave him a good home. Miss him still! My Mom used to say that nobody in her family lived past 80 so at 70 she said she was on her 10yr plan..she's 93 now and still going strong! It's good to be the first in your family for some things! The dog we have now will be our last. We're in our 60's but a puppy is a 15yr commitment and I'm not taking a chance of a pet ending up in a shelter. Anyway, I'm surprised your area doesn't have a cat sanctuary or rescue that would take your momma and baby. I hope you find them a home or perhaps they would like a road trip and spend winter in Florida with you?