Monday, November 4, 2019

Time change

Interesting Car:
  This is a custom car, no base car was listed. But THIS definitely cannot hide in a parking lot!

For today:
I am definitely NOT a fan of time change. I know it is simple to figure out, but I forget whether I gain or lose an hour. Sherry knows it exactly, but does not like it either.  She starts the day before saying “Tomorrow this time it will be xxxx.”  Or the next day, “If we had not changed our time, it would be xxx o’clock!.

If it is that big a deal why don’t they reset time 30 mins one way or the other, or just LEAVE IT ALONE!

That said, has it ever caused you to be early or late?

It did us one time when we lived in Norfolk. We went to church an hour early. I actually wondered if they had cancelled service. Of course my girl figured it out and I heard, “Uh oh, last night was when we were supposed to set our clocks back!!!!!”

Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states who do not recognize Daylight savings time. I am sure someone at a higher pay-grade can give ample reason for DST, but from my humble position, methinks it sucks bilge water. If you have the mid-watch on a ship, you get an extra hour of duty. And most likely you are not going to have the watch when the reset time comes so you are not gonna regain it. LOL

I have often wondered about companies that run around the clock, does the mid shift get paid for the extra hour as overtime?
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We've been an hour early for church too. Butter early than let, I'd say. We decided just to wait the time out and not go back home an come back again. It's amazing how long an hour can can be sometimes and sometimes is goes by really fast. It depends on whether were going or waiting I suppose. .

betty said...

The company I got fired from runs 24/7. They have the employees clock at right before the time change and then clock back in right after the time change so they still work their shifts but don't get paid overtime to do so.

What would be confusing for me is that Arizona doesn't change the time, but Nevada does. There are some people that work in one state and live in the other state. How can they ever get that figured out?

I like that Arizona doesn't change the time and I did read an article that several other states are considering not changing the time; one of those being California. I would hope it would be a national trend because its confusing to figure out what time it is in different time zones with the time change.


Woody said...

I wish they would leave the Time alone, I know it was started during the War to save money but I now look out up here and it is "Dark" at 4:30PM !!!
Would rather have te daylight at the end of the day !!!
You leaving for Florida soon!!!! Stay Warm you 2 and behave !! Love from the Cool North, Gary an Anna Mae

Dar said...

I read that an old Indian Chief once said that only a white man would cut the end off a blanket and sew it to the top and think it was was his opinion of daylight savings time. Makes sense tho....on the news this morning, a therapist said that the longer daylight hours early in the day was helpful for those suffering from depression...being darkness can cause or elongate it. Also makes sense...however, Why turn your clocks back when you'll just have to turn them ahead in a few months??? That's what my ol' neighbor used to say. He never turned his clocks. lol and yes, I've been early and late for church because of DST. Have a great week. I was up at 5 this morning....or was it 6?
love n'hugs from up north where there are huge snowflakes falling.

Mevely317 said...

Ha! That car looks like something straight out of the Jetsons.
I'm one of those weird folks who doesn't mind the time change. But I never stopped to think about those organizations which operate 24/7. Interesting! Methinks just because we've always done it this way isn't a good enough reason to keep it.

yaya said...

I hate this time change. I don't like the dark at 5:30. I go to work in the dark and then come home in the dark on some days. If we're on call for the weekend we have to do an extra hour. Plus, like your wife, I'm looking at the clock at 2pm at work and saying "It should be 3pm and I should be on my way home!"
Plus the dog thinks his throat been cut when dinner for him is an hour later..or is it? Oh, and I also hate having to change the clock in the car!

Lisa said...

I wish they would leave it alone. I like my daylight to last longer in the afternoons. But It does kinda make Winter feel like it goes by faster,
me thinks.

Studying in the recliner

Susan Kane said...

Oh how I hate time change. My students always took a few days to get okay with it.

Okay, I looked up livermush, and good grief. Liver, head meat, cornmeal and whatever else. NC livermush is slightly different, coarse and spicing. AND there is a Livermush Festival every year. You gotta go!