Saturday, November 9, 2019

The 'FERAL Cat House'

Interesting Car:

 Stormy D teaching Zorro to drive.  Below their future car:

For today:
After leaving Blogger yesterday I looked on the net about Feral Cat homes. I am always amazed at the information available.

Lisa mentioned that the plastic containers would make a great cat house, I found several plans using that idea.  I choose one that would fit the bill and with some modifications, I already had the materials.

 Front door, I used an old bread pan for the porch roof.The inside container was red.  Below is the back door

 I have it now about 16 inches off the floor I want to get it to 2ft. if Zorro can jump that high.  He can jump 16" easy now.
I had not thought of insulating it, but knew it was a good idea. Using the Styrofoam chest that Lisa has disposed of would have been a great liner. But I did have two containers that would work with some trimming. I cut one container so it would fit inside the other. I insulated the outside of the smaller one and fit it snuggly into the large one. I made an inner top and insulated it.

The one that I had liked best was wood, but I did not have those materials. However that ‘expert’ declared that feral cats need two ‘doors’. Giving them a way to escape if an unwanted guest or a more aggressive cat comes inside.

Every one of them suggested straw for bedding vs towels, pillows or blankets. So the only thing I had to buy was straw.  I got 99% of a bale left, y’all need any?

 The box was blue, so I used several colors to try to camouflage it a little. It still needs a little more help. The expert said I needed to place the box off the ground and among bushes or weeds. I have the ideal spot out front in the border cedars.  I just hope Stormy & Zorro will use it.

They did not use the last one I fixed outside, but chose a trash pile. We have a couple weeks here yet and it will be in the basement for them to get used to. Any suggestions on urging them to try it?
 Stormy (eating) and Zorro (drinking milk) ignored me
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm thinking those are two very lucky cats and they will miss you when you are gone. If the weather turns bad I'm sure it will be used. Meanwhile they'll be wondering what happened to the one who feeds them. Cats are very independent creatures so who knows where they will close to take shelter. I know you miss them as much as they'll miss you. I'm thinking there are house cats more than ferrel these days.

Chatty Crone said...

Can you close them in the garage until you go? I guess that wouldn't work - food by their house? You are so good to them and winter so cold!

Mevely317 said...

I love how you love Stormy and Zorro. (Oh yes, you do! -- hee-hee.)
Funny, I can't see any of the pictures you've included. Could be my wonky computer connection; will check back in a little while!

yaya said...

I think you don't have feral cats any longer. If they let you pet them and play with them, they aren't so skittish as ferals are. Your house for them is good and they would be fine as outdoor cats but will they need fed by humans? Maybe a neighbor would do that for you? You said you were going to try and get Stormy fixed before going so maybe the Vet might know of a place for them. In any case, you're a kind soul to try and help them! Happy Veterans Day..thank you for your service!

Sheila Y said...

You’ve fixed them up a fine house. Let’s hope they appreciate it and use it. Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service.
Take care, Sheila

betty said...

Your efforts to provide "safe affordable" housing to Stormy and Zorro are commendable. I hope they take you up in your efforts and want to occupy the cat house! Thanks Jack and Sherry for your service in the military!



Happy VETERANS DAY. great house for Stormy and Zorro.

Lisa said...

Good job on the box! They will start using it. Gradually move it to the spot you plan to keep it while your gone. They will be confused to where you went and why their box is no longer in your garage. I think its perrrr-fect for them. Don’t worry about them while your gone. Remember they are feral and know how to survive alone.

Your good