Saturday, November 30, 2019

Under Pressure and Evelyn

Unique vehicle:
  YEP there are cars that run on pressure, but so far they are not efficient!

For today:
Evelyn, BLESS HER HEART, does have one good quality (maybe two, possibly three). She critiques the timeliness of my blogs and actually reads here.  But we do have one thing in common, me ‘n her do like to cook using a pressure cooker.

I remember once when I was around ten or so mama's pressure cooker blew up.  Something on the top blew off and went into the ceiling for dad to patch. But mama kept using a pressure cooker, mostly in canning methinks. I know some of you use pressure to cook and can.

I have never had a mishap. I don’t have permission, but I don’t think it is a secret, so let me relate a story told by Don and verified by Evelyn.

Once Evelyn had a pot of green beans cooking under pressure when the handle screw came loose leaving a very small hole. Don said the pot went air born like a jet engine and began to spin round and round forcing green beans thru that small hole and painting the kitchen with mushy green beans. Now you would think that country girl would give up pressure cookers, but huh uh, she still uses one.

She graduated to an electric one and said it was much simpler to use than the stove top ones we have always used.  I finally did cave in and lucked up on an electric at a good price. Now that I am using it and I must admit, as much as I hate to publicly, Evelyn was right. Yep I am enjoying this one.  For years I have adjusted the ‘jiggle’, but now I do not have to. So THANKS Evelyn.

BUT just to make you a little envious lady, we are warm down here. ;-)  Don’t worry, we will keep the lamp on for a couple weeks for you.

Now hug Don and try to be nice. :-O
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to can fruits and vegetables using a pressure cooker. Thankfully never had any problems. I have heard of the new electric ones and have considered getting one. The do make the food tastier and tender. Oh my with the beans plastered on the kitchen ceiling. That would have probably men my undoing. Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. No food on the walls here but plenty in my tummy!

Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack … you've got me in stitches over here! ANOTHER Evelyn (my mother) used to tell of a similar incident, shortly after she and daddy were married. Instead of green beans, she was making split pea soup. And yes, it was all over the walls and the ceiling. Aghast, I asked: "What did you do, mommy?" And she replied, "I just sat on the floor and laughed and laughed."

Tom's daughter LOVES the InstaPot we gave her last year, and I think we're near making a decision to gift one for ourselves.

Chatty Crone said...

That is funny - I used to have a pressure cooker - but they scared me to death. Everyone now loves the InstaPot - the new pressure cooker.

Woody said...

Mother used a Pressure Cooker for everything, we cooked on a 3 burner Kerosene Stove an oven, Mother would put a hunk of bottom round steak which is a cheap cut on the stove about 8AM, it would boil and simmer all day and that cooking gauge would spin and sizzle and we would watch it forever, about 5PM out would come that piece of meat oh so tender and delicious !!!!
Makes me hungry thinking about it !

betty said...

Oh my goodness, I can't imagine all those green beans exploding through the pressure cooker! What a mess to clean up. I keep debating about getting one; maybe I'll ask "Santa" for one :)


yaya said...

When Jack was done with Chiropractic college we moved to Ohio so he could practice with his dad. I spent a lot of time with my dear mother-in-law who taught me how to can fruit and veggies. We did it with a good 'ol top of the stove pressure canner. She must have had an accident with one sometime in life because she was soooo careful when we used it! Anyway, I hadn't canned in years and then I bought an electric pressure cooker/canner last year. I use it and it's so simple and safe when you follow the directions!

Lisa said...

I’ve never used a pressure cooker but I remember mom using one for beans. For some reason I was always afraid of that thing.

Resting in Gtown


i have never used a pressure cooker and probably never will due to all the stories i have heard. i don't fancy having green beans or any food spattered on my ceiling. funny though.