Sunday, December 1, 2019

I'm gonna miss somethings

Unique vehicle:
                        A railroad trike
                       A boat for the road

For today:

I miss seeing a steam engine.

  (that is a 1953 Buick special waiting)

I'm going to miss a round clock...
I learned to tell time on a watch/clock with hands. There was a time when someone asked, “What time is it?” I glanced at my watch and the minute hand was between 10-15, but closer to 15 my answer would be ‘about 15 after 2.  Now I look at my watch and say 2:13.  With and analog watch I seldom gave time between the numbers. i.e. 10:26.

 I learned how to tighten a bolt it was Clock-wise. To loosen a bolt it was counter-clock-wise.  With the digital clock those make no sense.

I hate to see the incandescent bulbs disappear. Ever read the instructions on one of the new bulbs?  It makes me feel I need to call disaster control to get rid of a useless bulb.  I accidentally dropped and broke a new LED bulb the other day and there was another bulb inside, true. I hope it wasn’t pregnant.

I am not really fond of plastic replacing steel in my car.  I was a do-it-yourself body repair man most of my life. Lately I had a small ding on the plastic and went to the paint shop to match the paint, his question was, for plastic or metal? I asked, “Is there a difference?”  

“Oh yes, you must use a special undercoat or it will split and chip on you.” Plastic contracts and expands more than metal. He was right I did it wrong and the ‘fix’ looked terrible two months later.
I am sure seamstresses must pay attention to their threads for the many different fabrics now. They probably take it in stride, it would frustrate me.

Car license plates remain steel methinks.  I am wondering when just a bar code will be there to be scanned by cameras and law enforcement? One scan will give car and owner complete DNA.

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Mevely317 said...

Great points, Jack! In particular, the clock faces. One year I gave my parents a 'backwards' wall clock, and was foolishly delighted that they hung it right above their kitchen table. This image of the steam engine reminds me so much of the train depot at Lamy, New Mexico. 'Sure miss riding those trains.

I'm going to have to ask Tom about some of these. When he wakes up, that is! Have a super day!

Chatty Crone said...

I totally agree with you. I think libraries - newspapers, having to learn to tell time the old way, multiplication facts, writing, paper, and communication is on the way out too!


the new bulbs last longer, it's true. but i kinda like the old ones. and as for the clock, our youngest grandchild can not tell time with an old analog clock. has no idea what time it is looking at the hands. sad state of affairs if you ask me.

NanaDiana said...

Oh So True. It is amazing that many school kids don't learn to tell time by looking at a clock-and lots of schools don't teach cursive anymore. Thankfully, our school systems still teach writing.

I miss the old bulbs, too. Sad to see them gone. Hugs- Diana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So many things have changed as you mentioned, I don't ever think about them often. Strange how easily I have adapted to it all.

betty said...

So much seems obsolete these days. We discovered recently that step granddaughter can't tell time by using a face clock. She was taught it in school but has relied on digital clocks. What is really funny here is we have so many different clocks of various kinds, digital, face ones, etc., and none of them tell the same time! They are off by a minute or so in either direction. So does anyone really know what time it is?


Rick Watson said...

Clockwise and counter clockwise made tightening and loosening bolts intuitive. That’s how I learned it.

Lisa said...

When I turn things like bolts, screws, latches or light bulbs, I use the term “Lefty loosey, Righty tighty”.
Good thoughts on the license plates. Bar codes. I can see this happening in the future.

From the upper South

Sheila Y said...

When it comes to bolts, etc. I’m more of a righty tighty, lefty loosey. :-)