Sunday, December 15, 2019

Christmas thinking


For today:
Up to ten years of age, it was a magical time as I remember it. The family life I remember was surrounded by church of course, with a daddy who was a pastor. Looking back in our fundamental church history  ‘some’ folk frowned on decorated trees as mystic (especially in a church) and Santa Claus as a lie you shouldn’t tell children. Somehow, as daddy could, he brought people together. I remember hearing him say, “You can’t tell me there is no ‘Santy’ (In his Georgia brogue). Hey, I see him on every corner and in even in Sears and Roebuck!”

His churches always had a real Christmas Play and it featured the Birth of Jesus. AND for years we went to the woods and cut a tree (with permission) that would reach the ceiling. And it was decorated.  The SS classes all drew names and put presents under the tree.  No one left the church without a present. There were always many extra presents for ‘boy’, ‘girl’, ‘man’ and ‘woman.’ When possible a name was hurriedly written on the tag by helpers who knew who had been missed. Somehow he and the helpers did not allow these to be last.  Saving some of the known folk until last as not to be apparent.

It was a magical time............, yes it IS!

I am not sure if I ever ‘believed in Santa’, but ALL of Christmas was so much fun. Looking back I can never remember being disappointed in my present. We always got ONE TOY and maybe boots or gloves. Christmas day was so much fun to go out to play and see what everyone else had received. I was surprised one Christmas in the 5th grade with a BRAND NEW J.C. Higgins Bike from Sears and Roebuck. It had a horn and a light. WOW! My first Christmas bike was a used  one and I was in the first grade I was tickled with it too.

I hope your Christmas season is Magic, Joyful and full of LOVE! I also hope ‘Santy’ is good to you.
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betty said...

Christmas is definitely more "magical" when there are kids around who are so excited about it all. Seems like you had great Christmases growing up, Jack!


Chatty Crone said...

You have the exact right heart for what Christmas should be. I love all those cars. I love the way your dad brought you up.

Mevely317 said...

I don't recall ever believing in "Santy." When our family opened presents on Christmas Eve, they always contained my parents, grandparents, uncles/aunts names. On Christmas morning the contents of my little stocking were those left by Santa Claus … said with a wink.

Your father's handling of the little gifts for ALL brought tears to my eyes. What a man!

Jean said...

I never believed there was a real Santa,but we always had a big meal with family around on Christmas not many gifts. We had nuts, oranges and apples I use to think that was the only time of the year apples a d oranges got ripe.
A little different after I married and had children I let them think there were a Santa until they were old enough to realize better. This year here it's almost Christmas and I don't have my tree up not sure if I will put it up. Last year I flew out to New Braunfels Texas and had Christmas with my youngest son and his family. Two many surgeries and procedures this year,but I'm doing at this time. My Florida children will be here and although they are all grown they like a tree. You a d Sherry take care, Jean.

Lisa said...

I miss that Childhood feeling at Christmas. Our church was the same way at Christmas.
My first Christmas bike was a pink Huffy. I couldn't wait to ride with the boys.

Happy Sunday

Woody said...

I believed in Santa, I remember sitting in front of that big huge radio and waiting every night in December for the radio station to read the letters to Santa, I wrote several ! and I heard mine and several others read "Over The Air Waves" to Santa, I believed, that is until I went sneaking off up into the 2nd floor and found a Box, well, I had to open it and inside I found a package and the tag said; TO; Gary, FROM Santa !!! Well off to Dad I went and then it was partly explained that he had to come early as he had to travel the world! Oh Well, "I Believe" because under our Christmas Tree is a present it it says TO Gary From Santa!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Merry Christas to you both! It is a magical time of year when everyone seems a bit kinder and happier. That's what I figure Santa is all about the spirit of Christmas giving. As long as we believe there will always be Christmas magic..

Dar said...

Dad used to always say that Christmas was every day of the year. Now that his home is 'heaven,' I'm sure it's more true than ever. Your Daddy knew how to celebrate the Reason for the Season. He was such a kind and thoughtful man, as you are. Christmas in our house will be full of laughter, love and food for the first time in a very long time because ALL of the kids and grandloves will be home. We will be so blessed just to be together. Have yourselves a very merry time with the upcoming celebration of our Savior's birth.
love n' hugs from up north where it's cold, lots of snow and the smells of Christmas ! LOVE IT


i still believe in santa. the season is full of hope and joy. and love. really enjoyed hearing about your christmases of long ago.