Saturday, December 14, 2019

Teased hair, leisure suits and lowered hot rods.

Teased hair, leisure suits and lowered hot rods.
 Interesting Cars:
I have heard the old story, “What is old, is new again!” and also “What goes around, comes around!”  Both having the meaning that things recycle, with a newer approach.
  I have pictures of the wedding somewhere but this is Matt in suspenders with the family.

I have noticed in the last few months, men’s suspenders are on the return.  I think I need them, I know my son #2 does.
I also see a return to calling for drinking some ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ daily is making a new start. You  know as the elixir of YOUTH.

 I liked the hair on this one. I carried that picture a LONG time. I saw a picture of Paula from San Antonio with that hair do also.

I am waiting for the return of ‘teased hair’ like y’all  used to have. I am also hoping for leisure suits, I think I may still have one somewhere. Or maybe ‘Members Only’ jackets. I know I have one of ‘em.
I did see some ‘real tennis shoes’ for awhile but I don’t think they made a big hit.

 Yeah and I loved the Lowered rear-ends of cars, or was it we raised the front end. I did see one the other day down here and got my mind to working.

And then there was shaving a car. Not a piece of chrome on it. Not even door and trunk handles. **Do you know how they opened the doors?

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PS 2: Not the remote switch, it was invented yet. A hidden micro switch under the steel body skin aft of the door. The ones I remember you leaned your knee up against the metal and the door popped open. I knew one guy in Drexel, NC the battery died and he had a rough time getting into his car.


Mevely317 said...

That's so crazy about the shaved car!
I certainly remember leisure suits and 'teased' hair. (Pretty picture of Sherry!) Tom's taken to wearing suspenders all the time now. My not-so-favorite suspender story, however? My father had a HUGE heart, but was woefully unaware of teens' styles. I think it was 1966 he gifted my cousin with suspenders. Good thing, they lived in Chicago and we were a thousand miles away in New Mexico!

Jean said...

I remember the hair style I use to wear my hair fixed like that and yes to make it higher wore a hair piece. I have some pictures around here with it like that. Nice picture of Sherry.

betty said...

High school girls here are wearing suspenders, LOL. Most things seem to make a come back; we just have to wait longer for some than others.


Glenda said...


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes it seems there it truly nothing new under the sun...things camp back again maybe with a slight different twist on the old. I do remember teased hair and leisure suits too. they both bring back some good memories of my youth. We all used to wear what was called big hair back in the day. And lots and lots of hair spray! I no longer tease my hair but do have to use the spray to keep these stubbier gray hairs at bay.

Lisa said...

This was fun read. I also read it aloud to Nick. I remember the big teased or permed hair. I had it and could fit right in with the the rock starts. I own two pair of “classic”style tennis shoes as they made a come back the past two summers.
I have seen a few of the lowered rear cars around town but they are not nearly as cool as what you have pictured.
I have never heard of “shaving a car” . Nick said they did that so the tail pipes would drag.

Love from up here