Tuesday, December 3, 2019

I am a lucky dude

The Convertible

And now:
Can you imagine how much money I have saved on haircuts and dye?

Hey, then there are combs and they don’t come cheap. I haven’t bought and lost a comb in years. And now I could drive a convertable at 60 and not worry about my hair. I need to think about getting a rag top!

The money I have saved us on the cost of shampoo and water to wash my hair would be way up there. I no longer have to buy ***Brylcream (A little dab will do you, simply rub a little on your hair).

No longer does the wind mess up my handsome looks with messed up hair. I haven’t had to have two mirrors to make sure my ‘Duck’s Tail’ is combed right. My hair never gets in my eyes!

Shucks In and out the shower in 10 minutes, no hair dryer  to waste electricity, just some Vaseline to shine the dome. I must be getting rich, think of all that money I have saved!
(Picture shows a ball of hail from 2018 as bald as I) I know lots of men are envious of me. (maybe some women!)  LOL

Nite Shipslog

PS: ***Fay Lovsky – A Little Dab'll Do Ya Lyrics

Brylcreem brylcreem brylcreem!
Brylcreem - a little dab'll do ya
Brylcreem - you look so debonair
Brylcreem - the girls will all pursue ya
They love to get their fingers in your hair!

It seems to me the last line was:
Simply rub a little in your hair!


Lisa said...

For some reason I thought that slogan “a little dab will do ya” came from dippity-do hair gel. Hmmm I learn something every day.

From up here.

betty said...

There is something to be said for not having much or any hair. Makes life a little simpler indeed!


Chatty Crone said...

My hubs is right there with you.


both of my cousins are bald and it is very becoming. suits their personalities. you all must indeed save money on hair products. i remember those comercials. advertising was so much simplier then.

Susan Kane said...

I remember that commercial so well. No one in our house used it for some reason.

Your dome looks darn good. You are one handsome man!

Mevely317 said...

Fun, fun post! Yes. I well remember that commercial jingle … now I'll probably be humming it for the remainder of the evening … or until another earworm comes along. Suggestions?

yaya said...

Ha! That is hilarious! (Or maybe hil-harious?) Anyway, are you sure you're in your 80's? Really? I see tons of folks at every age in the operating room and I know they aren't exactly at their best, but you can be proud of how young you look! Which reminds me..you wouldn't need to wear a hat in the operating room either..no hair to fall out!

btcwalletexchange said...
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm all for leading the simple life, but i don[t think I'm ready to go bald yet, but good for you for appreciating what you don't have. There is truly always something to be thankful for.

Dar said...

Two of our boys are bald and beautiful like you. I must say, you'd make a fantastic Santa with your snow white beard. The boys always say, their gals love their shiny tops. Loved this
love n' hugs from up north where we are having a warm week in the 30's but come Tues. it'll drop in the teens and lower......brrrrr, still not ready even tho we already have a couple feet of snow....

Glenda said...

This is one of my FAVORITE posts, love from Chobee, Glenda