Monday, December 30, 2019

Those salesman or The salesman (New Years EVE)

 Note about the last blog entry: I lost 2 pocket knives one at an airport the other at the courthouse. OUCH!
That Car:
  The motor home has a small chimney, but this was supposed to be under the tree.....

or one of these:

 Not sure what happened, I've been good!

Now, the salesman:
Some salespeople are as honest as you are and then some deserve the name given to 'the old' Used car salesmen. In 1957 you could not buy a job it. Friends Doug Carver and Dale Hartness were also unemployed. We answered many job ads. AND THEN a full page in the Charlotte Observer. “Our company is hiring hundreds of men for high paying Jobs.”

Among the qualifications were:
….Not finicky (I had to look that up, it was not in my vocabulary)
….Not afraid of taking a chance
…At times dangerous.  Etc.
Sounded right down my alley. After all I was an ex-Marine  ;-). The applicants stretched three city blocks.

At exactly 9AM. A man on a bull horn said, “As you file toward me I will motion you inside or away. Please do not question, time is of the essence, the line must keep moving.” WE WERE among those PICKED.

There were many UPSET men that day, after much hurrah and culling men, we made the finals. Then some were MORE UPSET Still no one knew what the jobs were. In the end the jobs were door to door salesmen for Rainbow Vacuum cleaners. The vacuum that would save the universe by washing the air! We walked out disgusted. A day wasted, neither of us was a door to door salesmen.

IN A home, the vacuum cleaner salesman might have you use your vacuum on your carpet. “Do the best you can,” he says. Then YOU are embarrassed when he runs his over it and picks up MORE dirt and stuff. I mean you have been living in filth (is your thoughts). He explains the germs, etc that you have been leaving. Remember last year’s colds, who KNEW?

Today I used our new vacuum. I cleaned three or four different directions, went over the carpet 3 times. To prove what I have always thought, I cleaned the vacuum and its filters and vacuumed again. I picked up MORE Florida sand and dirt. LOL

The salesman has a VERY clean machine. His interior filters are clean. Of course he will do better than you did. He might sell a lot of vacuums by making the homemaker feel they have been endangering their family. OUCH

happy new year!!!  Nite Shipslog

PS:  Not all salespersons are crooks. Remember salesmen sale everything from greeting cards to skyscrapers.

Ps: This started because Sherry lost one of those little ear-ring keepers. You have never lost one, have you? LOL Looking, sweeping, crawling, vacuum, nada.


betty said...

That earring piece is probably long gone and no chance of finding it :) Probably like trying to find a contact! Funny, about 4 months ago I got a call offering free carpet cleaning for 3 rooms of our house. I took them up on the offer then googled the number they gave me to call back if I needed to reschedule and found it was for Kirby vacuum sales! I thought they were out of business! Years ago my mom bought such a vacuum from such a salesman. It did work well but boy it was a heavy machine to maneuver!

Could never be a sales person, LOL; not in my blood.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yeaers ago I too had the vacuum sweeper salesman visit and swig ne just how dirty my house was, Well he sold me the deeper mainly because AI needed one. It was ok and got the job done and tht was what mattered to me. That would have not been an easy job at all. I'v since learned a lot of peoples carpets are dirtier than mine even on a bad day. Ha!

Mevely317 said...

Oh ya! I'm terrified one of us will 'loose' an earring back, battery or (God-forbid) a pill and one of the girls find it.
Aren't you glad you didn't sign-up with the Rainbow folks? I could never be a salesperson and take all that rejection day after day. All the same, this is a timely post -- I've been putting off and putting off vacuuming the house for the last week. Gotta make it look good before the quarterly pest-control man arrives. :)

Rick Watson said...

I had some fun with a vacuum salesman once. Our house has wooden floors. He gave it his best shot but we took a hard pass.

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