Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas time is also Nuts and Fruit time!

Autos of beauty
 What an orange truck!

For now:
Growing up I thought citrus was grown for Christmas, because that is when we were given a couple oranges and a tangerine, plus an apple, a handful of nuts in shells and a stick of candy at church. Those brown bags were called Christmas treats. Just about every church in our area gave them out the Sunday before Christmas.

You can pick up ripe persimmons, apples, plums, pears even peaches from under a tree. Some will be ripe, over ripe, or maybe bruised but still eatable.  

But you cannot (as a rule), do that with citrus. Driving around Florida you will see many citrus trees with fruit on the ground under the tree. DO NOT EVEN TRY TO PICK IT UP AND EAT IT, when it is on the ground, anytime I have checked, it is bad.  We have picked ripe oranges; believe me they hang onto that tree with all their strength. Every orange is picked by hand, and it is work.

            A bunch of Pistachios
I know they can shake the pecan and walnut tree to drop the nuts. Many Pistachios are picked by hand in small bunches ‘sorta’ like grapes, some are even shaken. 

BUT do you know about that expensive cashew? They are picked by hand. One nut grows on an ‘apple’. The strange thing you can either eat the apple or the nut but not both. If you wait until the cashew is eatable then its apple is not.  Should you eat the apple the nut will not ripen.

I just love nuts and lots of fruits.

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Lisa said...

You had me at nuts. I love all nuts. I never knew that about Cashews or Pistachios. Kinda makes ya respect them more, huh?

From Rainy Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our Christmas stockings always held fruit and nuts. A tangerine was a real treat back in the day. For years I put them in my own children's stocking. We can now have them any time They are always readily available any time of year. I bought some fruit called Mandaerins last week which are a variety of a tangerine and mandarine orange and they are delicious. Fruit and nuts are not only good, but good for us too. Thanks for bring back some memories for me today.

Mevely317 said...

What memories you've awakened! Yes, at the conclusion of each Christmas Eve service we children were asked to come forward to get our stockings of nuts and oranges. Even at that age I thoroughly disliked oranges, but mother always made sure I said/mumbled, "Thank you."
That's so interesting about the pistachios and cashews -- my favorites!

betty said...

Learned something new today about nuts! Love them and we too got nuts, a big apple and a big orange in our Christmas stockings along with a few small gifts and a bit of candy too. What great memories you brought to mind today reading this!


Rick Watson said...

I thought I was the only one who thought grapefruit and tangerines were only for Christmas.
We stopped by the local produce stand today and bought mixed nuts.
We LOVE them.

Dar said...

In our home, we are nuts for nuts, and fruit! All of the grandloves love fresh fruit and eat plenty of it when visiting. In fact, they prefer the fruit over candy with all those beautiful mouths of teeth. :) Thanks for the memory of 9 stockings hanging on the fireplace each heavy with an apple, orange, a candy cane and a trinket of some kind. After eating our goodies, we got to wear the new pair of socks the fruit was in.
love n' hugs as our Christmas is winding down ... tired but blessed