Sunday, December 29, 2019

Where was that?

Autos of beauty 
   1960 Buick Electra
For today: Is this MOnday?
Sherry and I have ‘My Pictures’ as our screen saver. Many times one of us will say, “Now where was that taken?” Seldom do we draw a blank.

Pictures of the Pacific Coast or a Giant Red wood are easy to remember. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Alaska or Nova Scotia jump out at us.  Many times we just sit here and watch a slide show. I only have a couple thousand here on this computer but she has over 20K on her system. My dead computer has about 26K on it.
The pictures kick in so many memories. We see our friends of Wisconsin from the Big O family, Dar & Mel and their families.  There is Paula from San Antonia, one of our favorite places. And then there is Jean, Grover, Sheila & Rick stemming from down in OPP, AL. We went to the NC Mts to see the Blue Ridge Boomer, she pops up. WE once stopped in Nebraska and surprised Joe, Spunky and Lucy so their pics jump up too. Spunky & Joe passed, I always wonder about Lucy.
The pictures of Gary, Debbie and Terri come up. We were in Kentucky. They drove over 100 miles to see us, SWEET. I just saw Gary’s picture, he passed away last year. He was a man’s man, a real mechanic. Debbie said she once asked Gary if he had his pocket knife? His response was, “Got my pants on don’t I?”  I have used that line many times since hearing that. There was a time when Every man, boy and some girls carried a pocket knife.

Camping at the Grand canyon!)
I am just calling these to mind because I once said I would like to meet the people I have talked to here on the net. The journals and blogging has been lots of fun as we travel. We started this many years ago in 1983. It was a way for Sonny & Collette to keep in touch with their family, we all went together in a pop up camper. As we towed it through Beverly Hills we laughed, thinking ‘Beverly Hillbillies.’

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betty said...

Love the comment about if the pants were on, he had his pocket knife. Hubby has "lost" many a pocket knife when he has gone to a government agency and they have had metal detectors at the door. They have confiscated a few of his pocket knives because he forgot to keep them in the car and has been too lazy to walk back to the car to store them there. Thankfully the ones he get are inexpensive :) I've had the privilege of meeting a few bloggers/friends on the net in person; Always a treat! Ever in a 500 mile radius of us, do let me know :)



my hubby still carries his pocket knife with him. you guys have been so many places and seen so many things. you are fortunate, indeed. i marvel at all the wonderful memories that you've made. i just love those giant redwood trees. awe inspiring for sure.

Mevely317 said...

That's so neat how you've digitized your memories! Chuckling about the pocket knife. A few years ago I thought Tom was going to get thrown in TSA jail when, at the airport, they confiscated his little pocket knife. They'd no way of knowing it was given to him by his dad; but our fault, too, for having it in his possession.

I would SO love to meet you two! Maybe we could meet up in the middle someday?

Dar said...

We think of you two often and have great memories of your visit. Sy still puts frogs to sleep in the palm of his, now 16 yr.old hand. He towers above me, but that's easy enough. Love that Redwood and would love to stand within one. Mel carries a pocket knife in her pocket all the time, in fact, she pulled it out to open a few gifts at the farm. She said she never knows when a mushroom catches her eye to cut off. Bill has a 'new to him' knife that his uncle gave him last fall. It's been in his family for over a century.
love n' hugs as we relish our time with you and Sherry. We send our love and a chocolate cake that's got ALL the ingredients in it.......sorry Sherry. I sure messed that one up.

Chatty Crone said...

I have that same program and watch slides all the time. I know you enjoy them. You weren't able to get your other ones retrieved?
Be back soon!
Happy 2020 to you!

Woody said...

Dad always carried a Pocket Knife as did my Grandpa, I also had one I was scared to lose. We have a new addition to the Family, Not Stormy but we now have Tipper ! Stay warm, we are water logged up here !

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank goodness for modern technology and the ability to store photos on our computers. It's a photo album to beat them all. You do have some wonderful memories and Yes, everyone used to carry a pocket knife. They have so many uses and even I had one. I'd clean the mud off on my shoes with it when we'd go hiking.

Glenda said...

Beautiful memories.

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Sheila Y said...

I’m so glad we got to meet in person. Great memories. Hopefully now that we’re in Florida we can run in to each other again.
Take care, Sheila