Saturday, December 21, 2019

That Christmas Tree ornament could be worth millions

Autos of beauty
  Ahh, that 1960 Chrysler Dart

For today (Sunday!?):
I love headlines like that. LOL

Oh yes and some VHS tapes will get you thousands even a million.  And then there are the Beanie Babies worth thousands.  Wanna few Avon bottles? I have two Avon bottles, they are 1955 Chevy convertibles. Sherry got me one and Son Mark gave me one. They might bring 50 cents if they are still full. LOL Collector’s value means nothing if there are no buyers. (Don't take me wrong, I know treasures have been found among the common and junk... BUT)

Collectors’ items must be sold when there is a market for them. Now Michael Angelo’s paintings ain’t gonna age out, but Beanie Babies, JC Higgins bikes and Avon bottles surely will.
I do regret one thing about collections. Son Jack had a collection of comics in Gitmo and I made him give them away to keep our moving weight down. That was ignorant of me. We will never know if there were BIG sellers in that bunch or not. He later bought a collection of comics, I don’t think that worked out but I do not know. Jack & his sons are Super Hero fans.
It is strange even in BIG items, some antique cars restored continue to hold value some do not. BUT I have noticed down here in Florida, the drivers of those 50’s Icons are folks in their 70-80s. Their kids just might want that car, but I am not sure that the kids’ kids will.
In today’s society taxes kill many car collectors, if they are kept road ready and insured. Not everyone can come up with an extra few hundred dollars in Insurance & tax money for each car every year.
BUT I have to say this, if it is between a 1955 Chevy restored and a thousand Avon bottles or Beanie Babies Imma drive the Chevy!
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Lisa said...

I have never been a collector of any certain items. I like of cars from the 50’s and 60’s.
I have never understood people that collect coins. If I found a rare coin worth hundreds, Imma gonna sell it, not keep it.
I know people that hoard old things and say “oh these are worth thousands”. I always wonder what good are they stored away?
Ya cant take it with you when you die.

Happy Sunday

betty said...

Thing is you never know what is going to be valuable and you can't save everything, LOL. We have Hummel figurines that hubby's dad brought back for his mom from Germany when he was stationed there. They may be worth something but then with the reading I did about them so many people are dumping them not knowing their worth that they aren't worth too much these days. We have coins too that hubby's family have collected over the years but not sure of their value either. Then you have to find someone who might want to buy these things. I just don't think we're going to get "rich" off any the things here, but you just never know :)



you can't believe the vhs tapes i gave away. brand new, in original packages. oh well. live and learn. i'm with you about the car.

Mevely317 said...

Smiling BIG in Bama! Not long ago I came across a newspaper clipping my mother kept, purporting the old ashtrays could command big $. I still have a box-full from hotels around the world, but won't be holding my breath. Maybe, if I start smoking again, I should just USE them! :)

Dar said...

I'd also be driving the Chevy. lol My aunt is 87 and she still drives her ol' Mercury Monarch from the early 60's. It's got baby blue leather interior and I'd say it's in mint condition, not a scratch ever, clean as a whistle, whitewall tires and not more than 70,000 miles on 'er. She said she'd never give it up because she would never know how to deal with all the technology in the new wheels. I collect oil lamps and old lamps just because I love them......besides, ya never know when the oil lamps will come in handy as much as what our power is out. Mom and I each have a blown glass tree top angel, very old, do you remember those? but only with our sentimental value attached, like most of my antiques. If I can't use them, I don't have them.
Have a wonderful Old Time Christmas where we remember the Reason for the Season.
love n' hugs from up north where it's in the low 40's today.....lovin' it!!!

yaya said...

I have a few collections but they are only Valuable to me and I'm sure they will one day be in the Goodwill store! But they make me smile so that's value all on it's own I guess. Have a great week and enjoy your holiday!

Susan Kane said...

My niece had a massive amount of those BBabies. At the height of their fame and cost, she set up a table selling them, near an intersection. She made lots of $$.

No collections here, which is probably a good thing.

Rick Watson said...

We have all kinds of artifacts in our barn and old house.
Who knows what it’s worth?