Wednesday, December 25, 2019

“Before I die & the Hearse”

Hearses of beauty
 Featuring vehicles for that final ride........

For today:
Over my lifetime I have heard statements that included the words, “Before I die!”  

As in:

I want to be out of debt ‘Before I die!’
Before I die I really want a car that stays out of the shop.
My mama would say, I want to see my children ‘serving the Lord.’ Before I die.
"Before I die," said a friend, "I want to see Niagara Falls."

I have said, “I want to skydive before I die.” (not sure of that anymore!)

“I would like to see Alaska before I die,” I said… and I have.
There IS a place I have missed, I would like to see before I die of course, that is Ireland.

You may not have used the words “Before I die”, but I have heard many parents say, I hope to see my son/daughter going straight and acting like an adult before I die. I’ve Heard it, yes, even said it as a dad. Right now, that part seems to be working out, thank the Lord.
 (For Rick and the soldiers out there!)
Sherry and I have talked a lot as we walk. Neither of us feel like we have missed much or have any ‘huge’ regrets.  We know there are things and places we will not see before we die, but humans need something in which to look forward.

This is not meant to be sadistic. Unless the GOD of the universe does something DIFFERENT, you ‘n me my friend, will die. I am hoping an unseen Spirit will take my hand on that final journey. 
                      (For the economically minded)
I have said, ‘Before I die I would like to play the piano or guitar,’ but ain’t doing nothing about it. Even after Sister Shirl gave us a piano and keyboard.

This came about as I thought of wonderful people I have known in life who have passed on. At present, I probably know more people who are gone than are living. AND there was Chuck, Bill, Jimmy and Rose those names came to me. It was sorta like I KNEW them. They were friends on the net in Journals and Blogs. They are now gone.
     And for us boys who appreciate a dual purpose vehicle (For Tom & Nick)

"BUT WE my friend, are still here, YOU ‘N ME, I hope you had a Merry Christmas!"

Nite Shipslog
And all along you thought a hearse was a Hearse!



Jackie said...

You and Sherry are immensely blessed.
I send you both wishes for a wonderful new year.
Hugs from south Georgia (and Jackie!)

Mevely317 said...

Some of those hearses are wild! Just imagine my head pivoting, were I to spot one while on the road.

I don't recall having said it out-loud, but yes. My 'bucket list' contains more than a few items. Wasn't it Rick who, a while back, wrote about revising his list to read, "Things I really WANT to do" list. I think having something to look forward to is one of life's real joys.

Dar said...

Wow on the Hearse collection.....if only to pick one to actually take that final ride on earth. God has His plans for each of us. I wonder if it even includes a hearse ~ today, however, I look forward to a nap. All the goings on this past week and I'm plum tuckered!!! Look forward to Ireland. Perhaps it should be your next great adventure. Sounds serene to me. I'd love to also see Alaska and Germany.
love n' hugs from up north where we are still in a 40's something meltdown.

Woody said...

Interesting, We still have Horse Drawn Hearse funerals up here in Northern New York. The Mennonites and Amish use them and they are very plain, up in Constabillve we actually saw one plain wooden box on a wagon headed to their places of burial. I am home now after a little visit to the Hospital, Hope you and Sherry had a Great Christmas ! Love and warm wish's, Gary and Anna Mae


so many things to do and see before i die. but realistically i know which ones will be possible. a thought provoking post for sure. i hope you had a merry christmas. i tried to post on your column the other day but couldn't. it kept saying page did not exist. thank goodness todays did. have a wonderful new year.

betty said...

Wow on some of those hearses! I have to say the bicycle was cracked me up! I realistically realize there are a lot of things I won't be doing before I die; like traveling across the ocean (unless on a cruise). I do know something we need to do (and doing it soon, like next week) is getting a will and all that because that is something that definitely should be done before one dies :)

We had a nice quiet Christmas :)


yaya said...

I've always said that if you want something bad enough you will find a way to accomplish it. People usually do what they want or are willing to work to achieve. I have a few things I want to accomplish and I'm working on them. I always want to have a project or something to look forward to even if I don't finish before I leave this earth! Sky diving is not one of those! Have a very Happy New Year Jack and Sherry! I'm glad I found your blog this year!

Lisa said...

It’s not to late to start that bucket list ya know. Never stop exploring.
You two still have a lot of good years ahead of you.

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