Thursday, December 12, 2019

Home again

Early interesting Car:
 1950 Oldsmobile

Now today:
We drove over to Wildwood, Florida from Deltona this morning. This was going to be our first try for an RV site. Their web site says there are no openings until March 2020. It just happens that Jane, a very sweet clerk, found us 6 nights for free. That is all we needed.

This is one of our membership parks and our yearly dues takes care of the cost. I want to trust the web sites, but in this case there are several openings here at present.  Of course we know NOT if these sites are already reserved, this system is complicated, and methinks it is on purpose. LOL

So we are set, even have some ‘skimpy’ Christmas decorations. Our usual ceramic tree and other decorations are in a box somewhere in NC. OUCH.
      Santa peeping thru the windshield.
   And a flat Christmas tree.

Anyway the coach rode very well on the short trip, we remain happy campers. It is nice to be foot lose and fancy free again. LOL

My girl is a 'prayer,' so I attribute our fortune to her prayers, really she wanted some water for a bath and prayed harder AND her prayers worked, they always do.

Speaking of prayer. Years ago on Monday morning I overheard my masons talking. The older guy said, “Yesterdy, th’ preacher said, 'If 'Y’all need something, pray and axe God fer it.’ " He continued," I thought that was sorta funny. When he need somethin he axe us fer it. And he is ‘posed to be a bigger prayer than us!”

I reckon I fall in the preacher’s category, I need something, most times ‘I axe’ Sherry for it!  LOL

For you that don't know. At present we do not have a home in Florida. WE gave it to Son #2. BUT now we are thinking HARD about a trailer (mobile home).  It keeps my mind active anyway.
Nite Shipslog

PS: Girls and baths! Even in the Western’s I have been reading not one cowboy is concerned about a bath, But every girl mentioned, when allowed the opportunity to bath is in hog heaven. Hiking the AT you definitely miss a few days of baths. For the first 100 miles or so, Sherry would warn oncoming hikers, “We don’t smell too good!”  They didn’t either but that part didn’t matter.  LOL


Mevely317 said...

Love that old Mason's telling! Yep, there's lots of power in prayer. Since I'm not the best at verbalizing, I usually let someone do the out-loud part; and trust God can read my mind. :)
Your Christmas décor looks truly lovely!

betty said...

I like your Christmas decorations! Glad you are where you want to be and there was "room at the inn" for you, Sherry, and your motor home. I do always enjoy getting that morning shower. I can't imagine going more than a day or two without one! Always a firm believer in prayer myself :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great post, your parter in prayer does a great job. Glad as Betty said they had room at the Inn. Hope you dins raw pwedwxr home rhwew in sunny Florida. I hake friends that keep a mobile home for winter and come home to Ohio in the Spring. Not a bad way of living.

Lisa said...

Im ready to be foot loose and fancy free again. I am suffering cabin fever here!!!!
It’s cold and rainy.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry for the typos ...that I hope you find your perfect home there in

Chatty Crone said...

Love your Santa - glad you are on the road again. Prayer works and so do showers!

Woody said...

All ways said, "Power in Prayer", start during and finish each Day in Prayer with my Honey ! Glad your on the road !! I think we are really gonna miss either Myrtle Beach or Florida this Winter! Enjoy your new Place for the next few days, looks nice ! Love, Gary & Anna Mae

Jean said...

Glad you found a place and have settled in. It has been messy weather here most of the week and thunderstorms now. Sheila left this afternoon going back to Florida I've been waiting to hear that she made it home okay. I like the ideas of living in a mobile trailer. They have some pretty ones you see now. Take care, Jean.

Glenda said...

One of my friends who workcamped here in Chobee, the guy from Michigan who brought fresh frozen raspberries, has bought at mobile at Wachula and is delighted with it. If you're interested, I'll call the get the name.