Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Just awaiting parts... and The RV progression

For today:
(We spent many years at state & Nat'l parks vacationing in tents with the boys. I don't ever remember staying in a motel. But after a while, we knew this was a life for us. We kept increasing our sleeping quarters.) 
 A commercial area is not the best place in the world to ‘live’ but for us this  is just a new wrinkle. We could have gone over to Mark’s house for the night, but we like our own bed or sleeping bag.
We have walked a good bit while here. Having the internet and power we were able to more than halfway keep up with our normal schedule.  We didn’t cook here, just cereal, sandwiches and eat out.
 It ain’t bad when life throws you a curve or two and you still meet good folk. Here we have met two customers.  Like us they can’t say enough good about Andrea and his wife who own this business. The hourly rate here is $150 an hour. On our last bills there appeared to be no 'padding'.  I know of other shops up  to $240 an hour and the folks I have talked to feel like a few hours were added. (OUCH)

And so today we will await the delivery and installation of the Airbag and be READY for Christmas.  Maybe we will see old Santa Claus.

This has been our progression thru the RV world after tents:

 Sherry in our first home-made pop-up it was towed by a 1960 Rambler.
             Second RV a tag along.
  The first motorized RV the VW camper, great in flat lands, terrible in Mountains, nearly stopped going up 'um.

  Then the Ranger,  we loved this little C-Class. We drove it to Upper NY and on to Cape Cod.
  Then the first Biggie.. The Overland (Sonny & Collette with is in the Bad Lands.
 Writing from  the parking lot  of KARV repair. DeBary, Florida. 
Below will most likely be our last RV. We are running out of time. LOL This is our 2000 Monaco Diplomat 38.5' with two slide outs. It is powered by a Cummin's 315  diesel. The engine is in the rear and it is commonly called a  "pusher."

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betty said...

You got a good attitude about being stuck there, Jack, but you got Sherry with you so that makes all the difference! Hoping you guys will be on the road again soon!


Chatty Crone said...

Man you have RV's running though your blood! Hope you get the part in time.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So all you want for Christmas is an air bag. Nice you found a reliable place that can help you, but sitting in a parking lot isn't a lot of fun when you'd rather be traveling. At least you are comfortable and in you're own bed like you said. It could be worse. Hope Santa brings you what you need forChristmas and that you have a very Happy New Yea!

Dar said...

No matter the home, owning one always comes with upkeep. We started in sleeping bags on top of picnic tables under the stars. I must say it was wonderful. On to tents, then a pop-up to the Class C Mallard, that sure made life more pleasant with the kids. Finally, we built the log cabin close to home so we'd use it and never looked back. It's been a dream. You've found your ' happy place ' living on the road and I'm happy for you. The gradual climb to the coach makes for a wonderful home that you two love. Life is good., isn't it!
love n' hugs from up north where we woke up to minus -15 this morning.....brrrr. Have a warm day for us.

Susan Kane said...

Your adventures are chronicled in your vehicles. Great diary is showing how we age and choose our living arrangements accordingly. Fun times.

Mevely317 said...

I love your positive attitude!
I think they still sell those pop-ups; or something akin to your first pix. Oh, how I wanted a VW bus … once upon a time. If I didn't have to drive it (i.e., back-up), I'd love having that C-class!

PS - I wanna know how Sherry always kept her pretty hairdo while on the road!

Woody said...

Well, for some reason my computer (laptop) shut down, rebooted and did an almost 1 hour update from DELL, I got on and find last nights post is gone !! POOF ! Vanished!!! Oh Well, I think that welding job was a good one, looked like a good "Bead", not much "slag" in it and that 1" plate will beef it up ! Hoping you are "On the Road Again" soon, going looking for that Post !! Take it easy, stay warm, we are getting hammered with a storm and snow again ! Love from the Tundra, Gary an Anna Mae !

Lisa said...

I love that little red hippie van you had. Haha.