Tuesday, December 10, 2019

There are a lot of stories…

Our Home sticking out in the road LOL:

For today:
If you are the boss, you hear a lot of stories…
If you are a landlord, you hear a lot of stories…
If you are a contractor, and use subcontractors you hear a           lot of stories.

In any form of leadership you will hear stories, or excuses why things could not get done Or why someone cannot come into work today…  After a few years of this YOU COULD PRINT A LIST of the same stories used over and over. Many of them are honest reasons, you as the manager must decide on the merits of the teller.

When my son and I did all the work in building, we seldom fell behind. BUT when we started using sub-contractors, we soon learned they would promise a time you required to tie up the job. Some knowing they would never be able to do it at that time.  As the time rolled around you would start hearing ‘logical’ excuses why they could not do what they said.

Now I did learn over the years that is a standard practice, it allows a steady income for the sub and his crews, vs fat or famine.  That is hard to adjust your life to.

 The air bag is bad, but the worst problem is a tear in the coach frame. Not a simple job.
SO Monday morning when we pulled the coach into the repair area at the time assigned, I was not surprised that it would be a few hours before the airbag could be replaced. The owner had the required story (or excuse). The welder had run into a tough job and would be later.

 The air bag leaks where the white line outlines. The tear in the frame is behind the bag.
I do not like it, but I understand it. The owner has been fair with us on other occasions. Last time saved us about $1200 on windshields alone.  His time and labor prices are under the competition.  So I will cut a young business man some slack as long as the job is done well at a fair price. Our first reservation is still about 9 days away. 
 The welder is good. I had hoped he would put an extra support and he did. He added a very heavy piece of 1/2 " steel to the bottom of the tear. He expertly put the arm back in place.

The repairman was 5PM starting, but finished the welding  by 8:30 PM. The owner stayed right with us. Now the next morning we are here, parked out in the road (LOL) waiting the Airbag that will be delivered & installed tomorrow.
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Chatty Crone said...

Gosh how did you know it burst and why did you have to fix an airbag? Glad you have some body honest - even though you had to wait.

Mevely317 said...

What an unwelcome, untimely wrinkle! How fortunate you are to know an honest someone who can make the wrong right again.
I hope you and Sherry can laugh about this someday!

NanaDiana said...

Yes-sometimes it is worth waiting for a fair price and a job well done. I am glad they are able to do the work for you-welding that is a big job. I didn't realize you had the big Class A. For some reason, I thought you had a Class C but then-what do I know?!
Happy travels to you and your sweet Sherry. Hugs- Diana

betty said...

Wow that is some repair! Hoping it does get done in your time frame! I learned how it was to work with subcontractors when our pool was being redone a few years back. We had to wait for the next guys in line with the work that had to be done, usually about a week between services. Frustrating but I do think it did save some money.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Stories and excuses do tend to get confusing when you're trying to make sense of it all. At least their excuses make sense. Hope you do not have to make an excuse for why you are late for your reservation. Hope there were no excuses for the airbag showing up today. Good Luck !!!

Susan Kane said...

Your repairmen did some hard work, finished it as promised.

Happy trails to you and Sherry.