Tuesday, December 17, 2019

When you can see the future….

A Metropolitan I once hauled home

Became this cutie to drive around. (FUN times)
For today:
I found my thrill on Blue berry hill! That song goes thru my mind when something makes me happy. I searched thru life trying many roads, seems I enjoyed the adventure of them all, but (Sherry aside) I was in my young 40s when I found my thrill.

I saw a shack on a small cheap lot. I could see a small home in the place of that shack.  I had never built a house. Where others saw a junky lot, I could see the future.  

We humans see things differently. My girl can’t see too well past a rundown junky looking house, but give her a messed up room and she can see it beautiful orderly and spic and span. I remember one house we built. In my mind the house was FINISHED. Empty rooms clean new tile, vinyl and carpet. Clean windows, all plumbing fixtures bright and shiny. Its future in Jack’s eyes was NOW, this is it.

(Note, I personally cleaned every new house I built.  I had even hung the ‘then popular’ mini-blinds.)

THEN SHE SAW THE FUTURE, what I thought was finished was her beginning. OUCH.  “We will need a corner piece here, those new ‘solid drapped’ curtains will fit perfectly. (Some of us men don’t know that curtains can come in 500 styles and colors) Oh yeah, and the right shower curtains.  We will need curtain rods on the French doors, etc, etc.” 

Yep we see the future different. My thoughts.  I could've moved a bed, couch, chair, kitchen table in and it would be home right? Well it is for sure I could not see that far into the future. LOL But when she did get through we hadn’t spent near the $3,528.99  that I had pictured and it was home.(LOL)

As a builder I met people who could look at the houseplans, see a foundation and visualize the new home. Others could not see it until the final cleaning and landscaping.

I see a rusty anitque car and immediately I see it restored. I see a beat up home and easily see its possibilities.  Yep, I see the future at times............othertimes? Not so well!

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Mevely317 said...

How fortunate, the way in which you and Sherry compliment one another! Years ago, Tom 'thought out loud' about restoring run-down properties. Me, not so much. While he never got around to it, his son and DIL have done that twice now.
I had to smile at "Blueberry Hill." It's crazy, but a few months ago I was pulling into Wal-Mart when that song jumped right into my head and out my mouth. Mind you, I don't think I've heard it played in more than 50 years!

Woody said...

One of my Dad's Songs he loved, he also loved Jazz, Me, not so much ! My Honey can see things I look right past, Must be their insight is better than ours !!! Take Care, Stay Warm and Safe ! Love you 2, Gary & Anna Mae

betty said...

Like Myra said, you and Sherry compliment each other a lot! Perfect team for working together all the years you have worked together!


Chatty Crone said...

One thing I don't think Rick and I could do is restore a house together!!!

yaya said...

You and Sherry are a good combo...you're the peanut butter to her jelly and the mac to her cheese! I'm like Sherry..give me a room and I can put it together..give me a blank lot, a blueprint, or a run down shack and I don't have it in me to visualize the outcome. I love that car you did..soooo cool! I bet you had a ton of fun with that! Have a wonderful week!


it's wonderful that you both have the ability to visualize an outcome after one looksee. you have a special gift. it takes me forever to plan like that. i do love vintage cars though. i had a very, very old volvo and wanted it to be reconditioned. but nobody would work on it. ba humbug. then i had a very, very old toyota corolla and nobody would help me restore it beacause it was a japanese car. so ba humbug again. loved this post. keep 'em coming. take care.

Lisa said...

I can see a positive future in an old house or car but Nick will only come up with the things that are wrong or could go wrong. When I ask why he always thinks like that, he says “You have to”. I’ll never understand always expecting the unexpected.

65 degrees a rain here in NC

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think that makes you a very optimist person. Some never see the possibilities.