Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Scars and fashion

Interesting Cars:
 This one people joked: Is it coming or going?

Most humans have a scar or two. I have met people who have scars and cannot remember the cause.  I can look at the pinky on my right hand and see a diagonal scar across one joint. That is one of my earliest memories. It was caught in the door of dad’s 1941 Chevrolet. I think my sister slammed the door. I remember I sure cried as mama taped it back together.

I have two small scar points on the same hand from a water moccasin bite when I was 13. A scar on my knee from 14 when falling on a bike trying to jump a ditch like Roger Slack. I have an adult scar on my upper leg. I was on a roof cutting a shingle and the razor knife slipped. No stitches were ever applied to any cuts and only one could have used some, but just taping it closed, allowed a good scar, ;-).

Funny thing about boys, they are usually proud of scars no matter how visible they are. Girls not so much. Most girls want them danged things covered up with clothes or makeup. Sherry is hoping she has no scar on her pretty leg from the last surgery.

Boys also were never concerned about patches or tears in pants or shirts, girls cared a lot.  Well until the style of torn pants came about anyway. Now it is cool. Hey even friend Lisa of has a great shot of her in torn jeans. She is pretty cute too. I see no scars though!

That reminds me, we met ‘Alligator Ed’ once at Lake Manatee in Florida. He was selling ‘Shot-gunned Levis’ for $85. He bought them new ($15) hung them up and shot them with ‘00’ buck shot ($.25). I am sure anyone could do their own much cheaper (as long as they weren’t wearing them at the time of the shot.)

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i have a 25 inch scar across my stomach from an operation years ago. the good part about it is that it is hidden. life deals us many blows and some of them leave scars.

Jean said...

I'm sure Sherry scar want be to bad they have better ways sewing up now than they did years ago. I have my share 6 inch one one my hip from hip surgery 6 inch on my right side from gallbladder surgery this one is the worst but that was years ago when they cut you open to do surgery. Now I have one inside both hands from carpal tunnel surgery,but you probably can't see them after a few months.Take care, Jean.

Chatty Crone said...

Scars can be a right of passage if you know what I mean.

betty said...

I didn't realize you had been bitten by a water moccasin Jack. If you shared it on this blog, I don't remember it. Wow! I have 1 scar on my knee from when I fell and needed stitches. Son has no scars to date but did have a broken wrist when he was 6 years old. Hubby has a knee scar from surgery. The wee one fell backwards 2 summers ago when he was standing too close to his mom and she backed up and he fell. He needed stitches but his hair covers the scar. I know plastic surgeons do good business for facial cuts that need suturing since no one wants their child to have a scar on their face and plastic surgeons are good in fixing it so it isn't noticeable if at all .


Mevely317 said...

Guess I've never been much of girly-girl. (*sigh*) I've plenty of scars dating from early 'tomboy' days, as late as the 2008 dog attack. Today I can still see the remnants of 2 pebbles in my left knee from tripping in the junior high school parking lot.
I, too, hope Sherry's leg heals nicely. For some reason, she reminds me of the oldest sister (Meg) in a beloved book, "Little Women." (That's supposed to be a compliment.)
You're going to have to share more someday about that snake bite. (Please)

NanaDiana said...

I love Lisa---she is really such a pretty girl and as sweet as can be. I get a kick out of my grandkids working to pay big bucks for torn pants. Some of the schools here won't allow them (or graphic shirts of different kinds). I say good for them.
I have a few scars, too, and you are right- I don't like them! xo Diana

Woody said...

I can see some of my scars, All part of my memories, some I can't see, those of the mind, The scars that wake me from My Honey shaking me and telling me its just a dream, I'm OK, My mind wish's sometimes my eyes had not let some images in, Accidents, suicides, other incidents of being years in Law Enforcement and 8 years in the Navy. All part of this thing called "Life" I guess! I tell my Honey some of her little scars are "Beauty Marks" !! Well, stay warm and safe, love from the North Country, Gary & Anna Mae

yaya said...

Getting your hand caught in a car door is almost a rite of passage! It sure does hurt! I have a scar on my left wrist that looks like the shape of the US on a map. I can thank my sister for that one! I have many others as I was a bit of a tomboy. The boy next door told me I wouldn't be able to hop up concrete stairs on one foot. I was about 7 I think. I boldly told him not only could I do it, I could do it with my eyes closed! And I did...and missed the stair and cut open my forehead, got a ton of stitches,and a scar across my forehead that has faded into a wrinkle today!

Dar said...

Jack, you always manage to come up with fun stuff to write about, tho some resurface pain. lol I have a dozen visible scars if I wore a bikini. That's not happening...uww, scared myself.! and many 'of the mind' as Woody put it.
Those, I never wish to revisit. Stay safe now, don't stumble into more scars.
love n' hugs from up north where the warmer 30's are welcome. Next week is supposed to be chilling again. We have too many icicles hanging off the house as it is nearly 12 feet long. Time to better insulate this 120 yr. old dwelling

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My boys always bragged about haow many scars they had. One tried to outdo the other. Proving how masculine they were, I guess. I've a scar on one eye that I try to cover up. Females don't brag about them, but try to cover them up. There are also invisible scars that many cary, so we must never judge because we never know what someone has gone through.

Lisa said...

Oh yea.. I have one scar. Its is right under my knee cap. When I was about 9 years old I decided I needed to dig a bomb shelter. I had a pretty deep hole developing until I jumped on the shovel and my foot slid off and down into the hole. I sliced my knee wide open. No stitches. Just a rub of alcohol (That was moms way of saying “I told you so”) and red MecuroChrome.
I was also punished for digging holes in the yard.

Thanks for the shoutout