Thursday, December 12, 2019

On the road, one more time.

A Nice Car:
 I wish the Hudson was still around, it was a nice car.

For today:
Things come together, but like I have said, I want the answer now.  I could not find a part number embossed on the bag itself. I learned coaches used so many different ones, no one knows the exact part number until the bag is removed. Someone had the great idea to put the number UNDER the bag!

When the Airbag goes out they cannot be repaired, they must be replaced.  It is amazing that Firestone engineers an air bag that can support over 26,000 lbs over bumps, pot holes and very rough roads. And do it for years and hundreds of thousands of miles.

Most of the truck cabs you see on the roads are supported by air bags vs just springs. The RV has only air bags, no springs.

The air bag was late arriving, again the mechanic worked under lights. But it is installed with no leaks.  WE be happy campers and will drive out and ride level, looking for an RV site.

We are again experiencing a problem finding RV sites. When we leave here, this Morning, we need to find a place for a week.  We have several ideas and will drive to find out if things will work.

Age changes attitudes and abilities to handle mental gymnastics.  We had the place in Deltona and it made life in Florida easier to handle because it was a ‘spare tire’ and we always had an open RV site. LOL.  It also served as a guest house for the family wanting to visit the Orlando area.

Maybe we will do it again. I figure we have 5 yrs more of this flip flopping from FL to NC.  Maybe a trailer this time, taxes are cheaper. LOL

I hope as you read this we are on the road.

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Lisa said...

I hope you get er all fixed up and on the road again. I get confused to where you stay. I thought you bought a house in Florida.

If’s frosty here this morning.

Chatty Crone said...

You and Willie Nelson - back on the road again.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So happy you got your Christmas wish and are now back on the road again wishing you luck on finding the camp side, I thought you had a reservation. I know it's a busy time of year down there in Florida with snow birds returning from the northern states. Good news here, I'll be down there at Christmas this year, and I do have a place to stay, at one of my son's house. I'm considering becoming a snow bird myself now that he has moved there. Sunshine and warmth here we come !

Mevely317 said...

Yay, on the road again! Your experience is sure giving me more education about the RV life than I thought possible. Not one for the faint of hearts, that's for sure. Be safe out there today!

betty said...

That is funny how the part number was under the bag. Go figure! Can they make it any more difficult? Hoping you are on the road and you find a place to call home for the time you want to be down there!


Jean said...

Maybe you want have much trouble finding a place to park. Glad to hear you have your home on wheels fixed, it should ride like a new one now. It's cold up here in Opp this morning and looks like it will be in the forties all day. You guys takecare, jean.

Woody said...

Hope you and your Honey are "On The Road ! Cold today at 19, gonna be 40 tomorrow !! Oh well, one day at a time ! Hope you find your RV site ! Take care, love from the North, Gary an Anna Mae, c