Saturday, December 21, 2019

The wide world of the internet

Autos of beauty
A '35 Ford Pickup, I would love to pick up Sheetrock in that.

For today:
Just in case I come up with a signal between reading ‘Shorty Thompson, U.S. Marshall and lookng at this screen, I will post this. LOL

The internet is a gift, to some a curse.  Us older folk find this very confusing and frustrating at times, but love it when we have it available. Even with a background in the giant computers of IBM, Burroughs and Hewlett/Packard The PC/Phone/tablet are a challenge to me.

I normally get problems solved but after a long period of trial. The concept of windows is over whelming in terms of yesteryear, where today’s world accept it as it’s HERE.

I have lived in homes with no inside toilet, but have never lived in one with no electricity, although my family has. I lived with my sister one summer using kerosene lamps and carried water from the spring.  I accept electric lighting without giving it a thought. Much like my grandkids easily step and jump thru the hoops of the new devices with the ease I turn on/off our lights.

That is hard for me to understand or accept. I want to pick up a phone without touching the wrong button and NOT know how to get the original back without a lot of trial and error. I want to know why MA’s e-mails, addresses, pictures (whatever it was) disappeared one day and the next was back on the screen.

So while I am contemplating all this I will be watching from time to time for a LOGO in the corner of this screen that says ‘YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET”. I am proud of me for knowing that little signal is a LOGO, it is, isn’t it? Or is it an emoticon, emoji or a symbol?
Anyway when I see one I will post this or try to comment.

I love being lost in this cyber world. NOT. Now that is cool isn’t it, the NOT after a sentence.  I’m cool!
Having said that,

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Mevely317 said...

Hey, were you spying on us yesterday? :) I get soooo frustrated when Tom asks me a "how-to" on his tablet … like he thinks I know the answer?

Yep, I'm in awe of how this 'stuff' comes naturally to little ones. Maybe they're just born smarter; or, no-one ever told them 'no.'

Chatty Crone said...

I could not agree more - I really admire people who KNOW the internet.
I am going to take this next week off for Christmas - but I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Happy New Year!
Love, sandie

Rick Watson said...

You're cool Jack. The more I learn about the Internet, the more I realize I don't know squat
My great-nephew whizzes around his ipad at lightening speed. I get dizzy just watching.


i love the internet but i have no idea how it works. i get frustrated easily. if it weren't for my hubby i'd never be able to figure it out. so i understand what you're saying. i particularly liked the analogy between kids today and those of us who are a bit older. i think you hit the nail on the head.

betty said...

Its so fun to watch the wee one maneuver the Internet. But I found him the other day "dismissing" notices I was getting (like text messages and phone calls LOL). They came in as notices and he swiped them away. Why not? He probably thought they didn't pertain to him. I still don't know half of how it works but I'm glad it works (most of the time anyway).