Sunday, December 15, 2019

Politics as usual-Middle of the road

 When your paint job is bad, political stickers work

And now:
 I consider myself middle of the road in most of my thinking. I am not ‘dogmatic’ about many things I believe in. I also like to think I leave everyone room to act, feel and believe as their conscience leads. UNLESS THEY CROSS THE LINE AND UPSET ME.
                (Smiling out loud for a bunch of us)
I’m smiling because I really do enjoy people.  I have known several people who have actually changed the way I feel about subjects. Most of them by not ‘daring me to disagree with them.' That normally raises the hackles a little in us all.

Politics is a vague area. In my youth I was a Democrat, I had friends that were Democrats so I was. Believe it or not, I never knew my parents politics. Dad thought it wise as a church pastor (looking back I agree). I remember when he took the Valdese church, a church that had an obvious friendly political division. The “I Like Ike” buttons on one side with 'Adlai Stevenson for President' on the other side.

 I was 12 back then. I remember before Dad’s first sermon he opened with, “Now please, Y’all don't ask me what party I support, when we talk, assume me and you think alike. Or that I am what you are.”  After that there was not a problem with politics.
   Some folk are more dogmatic than I!
Then later in life I became a Republican, I am sure Ike would have been proud of me. But then I went & voted for Jimmy Carter. Next I voted for Reagan.
 Remember, if you cannot afford a new paint job, there is always stickers!
I think now I am more Libertarian in my thinking, but I really don’t know….. I don’t like it, but I find it hard to ‘trust’ politicians. I am not sure how many of them think for themselves or put OUR country first.

Something in me says our founding fathers never saw ‘professional or lifelong’ politicians. BUT I have noticed one thing about us VOTERS. WE wonder why OTHER STATES KEEP their ‘stupid’ or ‘ignorant’ professional politicians, then vote our own back into office.

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Mevely317 said...

Great points, Jack. My son (who's self-employed) has adopted the same philosophy as your dad. Sure wish I could take a lesson.

Things have become so ugly and mean-spirited on social media. It's a struggle not to react. Then, I have to remind myself that whatever happens is not likely to seriously impact my own lifestyle. (I hope!)

Susan Kane said...

Oh, this is so true. Nailed it!

I grew up in a Red state where there were few Blues. I didn't know what a democrat was. When someone asked if I knew (I was about 8), I said that a democrat was someone who lived on the other side of the world.

I am also a libertarian. Politics have become so lopsided and tilted. I have not watched cable news for years, except for the stock market (my husband).

betty said...

I listened to a podcast from Pastor Jon Courson that he preached about a month ago on politics. Best sermon ever on it I have heard. He basically said we need to pray for all of our leaders (not just the ones we like LOL) because God has ordained that they will be our leaders in whatever matter it fulfills God's purpose and will. Changed a lot of my perspective where I am concerned about the goings on in our country but I'm thinking more of all of it being God's plans for whatever His purpose and will and it will be okay no matter how things turn out because God is still and always will be in control :)

Its easy to get caught up on social media with debates between 2 sides. I snooze people on Facebook if they get too political and don't see their posts for 30 days at a time. When their posts start popping back up again I realize its been 30 days and snooze them again :)


Jean said...

I don't discuss much about whom I vote for with many, people can get fired up with you if you don't believe the way they do. This the same with their religious beliefs. I know some people ( and family ) thinks that what they believe in is it. There has been times when Grover and I voted different. I didn't get upset he had the right to vote who he thought would be the best President and so did i. Smile. Take care, Jean.


it's so divisive to talk about the political scene today. what i'm most adament about is i think senators and congressmen/women should have term limits of two years and not be allowed to serve for life. then maybe washington would get things done for the rest of us.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm with Betty on the fact that we should pray for our leaders . They need all the help they can get these days. Other than that I try not to discuss politics. Like TT says it is so divisive.