Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I am not a fan

  I am not a fan
An Interesting car

And now:
I do not watch or follow any sport.  I am almost un-American to some folk because I did not know the World Series had been played nor who was playing.  At one time I would have known…  If I were ‘forced to pick a sport, it would probably be NASCAR. Or local dirt track stuff.

I am also not a fan of pillows and cushions in excess, other than one for sleeping.

I am not a fan of politics from local to national. Lately (last15-20 yrs) it has gotten steadily worse. I was at our city council meeting when the attorney for Walmart was requesting permission to build. One of our esteemed council made the statement, “I am against it, WE ALL KNOW THE TYPE OF PEOPLE WHO SHOP AT WALMART!” Not too smart for a politician, she was not reelected.

I am not a fan of HOAs (Home Owners Associations), so I avoid them. Did you know even in some small towns they are required in new sub-divisions? People who buy into communities with them, should accept and abide by HOA rules, they agreed when they signed. (I just would not do it)

Mr. Shipp hired me to build him a house out in the country. He wanted me to demolish his old small frame house. When I applied for the permit, I had no problem. Off hand, I mentioned I was also going to take the old house down. The inspector’s response, “you do have a permit for that don’t you?”  My answer was NO!  “You need one that will be $150.00.”

I think my politics are becoming more Libertarian every day. I am a firm believer in home owners’ rights.

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PS: We are off to see the Doctor. Thanks for your prayers and concerns. We are sure all is well. Life is great!
Sherry & jack 

PS2:  I am not a fan of a lot of things, but I am Sherry's #! FAN
Happy birthday to my Beautiful Wife!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am a fan of yours. You two are my favorite couple. I'm sure all bill bw well. but it will be nice to hear it proclame d officially. Hope your appointment goes well and get to hear the happy news tomorrow!

betty said...

Happy birthday Sherry! Hope it is a grand day after you receive good news at the doctors!

I agree with you Jack about home owner's rights. I would never want to be in a HOA but some people really like them and that's okay, that is their choice :) I would want to paint my house purple if I wanted to and not have to stick to their choices of paints.

I follow minimally sports. I do like a good game of pretty much anything especially championship games, even if I haven't followed the rest of the season. So I know a little about most sports but not a lot of stuff.

Raining here with thunderstorms. Cooling down and feeling good!


Jean said...

Back in 2001 Grover and I built a small storage building, I told him.he would have to get a permit, Grover this is my property and I will build.what I want on it. I noticed while we were building it some city official would keep coming by looking, but to tell the truth they never did stop or say anything. Maybe they were afraid of him. Lol

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Sherry!!

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed reading your post - we just got back from Ohio visiting my other grandson. You know what - it is my husband's birthday today too. I hope that all is well at the doctor! sandie

Woody said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRY !!!! I don't watch any sports, no interest in them, Politics cause stress, I can not have stress!!!! Hope things square away so you can get south ! Keeping you in our Prayers, Love from the North Country ! Gary & Ana Mae

Dar said...

Well goodness gracious, I pray all goes well at the doctors. I'm sure all will be good....look at the two of you, so healthy and fit. Happy Birthday I was thinking it was tomorrow. Have a great one pretty lady!
love n' hugs from up north where we live and do our own thing on our property. It's getting so a person feels 'owned' all the time. "Not on my land, you don't," would be our answer. We are in the process of making improvements on and in the cabin soon. That's when we go off the grid for a while. YES

Mevely317 said...

First, and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sherry!!!
Not unlike our government, some of the HOA regulations are just inane. I don't think Tom will ever let me live down having said, "Well, I don't know why you dislike them; I think having a HOA is a good idea."
I'm no longer a big fan of football -- never did care for baseball, basketball, etc. But NASCAR? I don't understand much, but every time I see the drivers, their crews, their families and fans standing at attention with their hands over their hearts while the National Anthem is played, it fills my heart!

yaya said...

Happy birthday Sherry! Hope all is well with your doctor appointment! That would be an awesome gift for your b-day!

Lisa said...

I am not a big sports fan either. Nick likes racing both dirt and Nascar. We used to spend every Saturday night at the dirt track. He worked the pit gate and then we would head up to the booth and get the money ready for pay out and sometimes even take score for the races. We will watch football sometimes when it looks like a close or exciting game. We’d rather watch Andy Griffith.

Prayers for Sherry