Saturday, November 23, 2019

Good trip…

Interesting Car:

For today:
It was such a pleasure to hit the road. Traffic was good with one hair raiser or jaw dropper, one or the other. My eye on the road ahead when immediately about a ¼ mile ahead cars went right and left off the pavement at interstate speeds. One new truck towing a beautiful bass boat  shot right from the passing lane into the first lane and on into the easement. The boat was ‘Fish Tailing’ (It musta learned that from real fish in the lakes around there. but the trucker held it when it hit the easement and never lost it. He nor none of the other cars stopped. We slowed down with everyone following as we passed the  point of the confusion there was a compact car going about 5 mph in the passing lane.

Unbelievable that there was no damage to any car nor persons that we could see. I was looking back in my side mirror and the compact immediately got back up to interstate speeds and passed us. STRANGE in capitols.  

We were in rain to about Georgia and it started clearing, Florida was 86 a few clouds backed by a beautiful blue sky. I am typing this at 8PM Sat. nite and it is a nice 69 outside.

Son Mark and his dog Janie were waiting here for us, we are in our old spot beside the house.  WE have ‘reserved’ this spot until the house is sold or Dec 15th whichever comes first. LOL

We drove straight thru it is about 510 miles. A pretty good drive.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Home again, such good news! Good to have family to welcome you in. Your weather sounds wonderful. It was a grey day here yesterday in the 40's for a high. Damp, cold and cloudy. It would be wonderful to feel warm again! Hope you enjoy it too! Glad the fellow with the boat held it steady it could have been so much worse.

Lisa said...

Wow, I’m glad no one lost control and yall made it safe to Florida.
510 miles? Home that doesn’t seem that far, I’m tellin Nick.

Happy Sunday

Mevely317 said...

Yessssss! Thank goodness for 'kings of the road' who know what to do when they begin to fishtail while on the road. My son pulls a large trailer every day for his business, and I worry about him -- particularly the time when part of his commute was flooded. While all traffic was stopped he approached an 18-wheeler ahead and asked if he couldn't follow 'up close and personal' in the truck's wake.
Hope y'all enjoy a great day with your 'little boy'!

betty said...

Wow, glad to hear you got there safely and glad to hear no one got hurt on the road! It sounded scary! Good to know too that you have a place to call "home" until at least December 15!


Sheila Y said...

Glad you made it safely. I’m at Mom’s but I head back Thursday because our youngest is coming to our house for Thanksgiving.
Take care, Sheila

Dar said...

On the road, traffic excitement, parked again with a warm welcome, and no one got hurt. Life is good! We are in the midst of a warming trend in the 40's so the eaves are dripping, the hunters are warm in their shacks and the deer must all be resting. So far, a slow harvest. If I miss my chance, have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Our 90 yr. old Mama is hunting so the kitchen cooks this time will be myself and lil sis.
love n' hugs from up north as our snow is melting. It's ok with me while I heal from slipping on the ice.

Woody said...

Happy for you and Sherry, that's a pretty far distance to travel but glad you were only a witness to a little mishap and not involved in it ! Enjoy !! Good day here, 47 degrees and some sun and clouds, snow is gone on the lawns ! Deer hunters are active, Glad you had company to "Greet You" ! Take care !
Love from the North, Gary & Anna Mae

yaya said...

Glad you made it safe and are enjoying the nice weather! Have a great Thanksgiving!