Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Unique Wall paper

 Unique vehicle:

For today:

I like cars. I have no idea why, but I collect pictures of cars, I smile when I see a very unique one. I remember being passed by the ‘Planter’s P-nut’ vehicle once. As it approached in my side mirror I was trying to ID it. I knew from a distance it was going to be unique.

Life and traveling brings us in contact with unique things. Sherry was reading something and the fact came out that ‘bubble wrap’ was originally designed to be used as wall paper.

My mind went to something I had heard all my life about insane people being placed in a rubber room. I remember statements as a kid, “You are ready for the rubber room!” Said as a put down for ‘You are crazy!’
While volunteering for work in Lapanto, Arkansas I was impressed by a bathroom that was wall papered with brown paper bags, it was actually pretty and the most unique wall paper I ever did see. I have hung wallpaper and I would not like to hang something like that.

What is the most unique wall paper you have used, seen or heard of?
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never been a fan of wall paper but it can cover a multitude of cracks and such on an old wall, so I suppose we should be thankful for it. I've never seen the Peanut mobile either, but have seen the wieiner mobile for Oscar Meyer hot dogs. I can only imagine in your travels you see a lot that others don't . Hope all is well at you Southern home. We had some heavy rain this morning but are supposed to be in the 50''s today iwhich is about as warm as it gets for us this time of year.

Mevely317 said...

I agree ...that brown paper bag wall is beautiful! Offhand, I can't recall anything original/remarkable. Smiling, remembering the flocked wallpaper in my first home. Also, mirrored tiles that were all the rage in the 70's. Glad I wasn't around to have to deal with the removal of either!

betty said...

I'm with Myra, I remember the flocked gold wallpaper in one of the houses we owned. Funny I said it was the first thing I was going to change about the house and 5 years later when we sold it, the wallpaper was still there :)

I do like the paper bag wallpaper, but I agree that it had to be a lot of work to hang it!


Susan Kane said...

This looks great. I'd go with it.

My in-laws lived in a house where the wallpaper was bizarre. His office was a moonscape. The hallway was silhouettes of trees on white paper. Their bedroom was flocked and the bathroom was roses. People make odd choices.

Lisa said...

I have never used wall paper but have taken a lot of it down. What a mess!
I remember my grandmother had wallpaper that was pretty old and wild looking.