Thursday, November 7, 2019

My Sherry & Good things

Interesting Vehicle a one cell paddy wagon:

For today:

It was her Birthday, it was also the day she was to visit the surgeon and hear THE PATHOLOGY REPORT. While I sat and read my Western book (Another  Shorty Thompson US Marshal) Sherry went back to his office. The report was good, the ‘squamous cell carcinoma had not reached the bone BUT WAS VERY BIG. He unwrapped it so she could see the results. It was BIG and took 25 staples to close the ‘U-shaped’ incision.

I took her to breakfast then home. Jack Jr came over in the afternoon to hang out and we went to dinner at the Bowling Alley CafĂ©.  Sherry did not want to go to her traditional Birthday dinner today, maybe next week would be better.

 With her permission, here is the BIG cut on her pretty leg.

She did well with this He took out a big hunk of my girl at the shinbone and it will take a while for the depression to fill in. She only took two pain pills. She complained that the pills caused her stomach to be upset and was about as bad as the pain it was covering. She is feeling good and happy it is over. She must go back next Wednesday.

Awhile back I ran across and old roll of 35mm film that had never been developed:

Here is the result:

Not one picture was clear. By hit and miss we looked at them and decided it was a beach party for Mark’s football team in Key West.  That was over 40 years ago. The film had deteriorated terribly. Had I had them developed and printed then, the cost would have been $4.50, today the cost was $20, but at least the mystery is solved.


When I told Stormy D and Zorro about it, this is the looks I got.

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betty said...

Nice to see a picture of Stormy and Zorro. Zorro is getting so big!

Oh my gosh, that was a big incision they made! Glad it didn't go down to bone and hoping/praying she makes a complete recovery!

How interesting with the roll of film. It was good that they could develop it, for what it was worth, and still had the technology to be able to do so. Might be a good reminder for us to go through our drawers and see if there is any undeveloped film.

Here's to a new day!


Woody said...

Glad the report back was good on Sherry's leg, Not a nice Birthday Present for such a Gracious and Beautiful Lady, We have her on our Prayer's and Concerns Prayer and you also !! Watching it Snow !!! Take Care and you take care of your Bride while she recoups ! Love and Prayers from Snowy New York, Gary an Anna Mae

Lisa said...

Thats a nasty cut but it will look better and probably with minimal scaring. I am glad she got that over with. Stormy could care less! Haha. Baby Zorro is is getting big and looks curious.

Happy Birthday to Sherry I hope she had cake!!

Mevely317 said...

Thanking God for answered prayers! That's a mighty nasty wound she's sporting … who needs a stinkin' tattoo? :)

Love the expressions on Stormy and Zorro's faces!

Chatty Crone said...

I have been out of town a week and look at all I missed. I am so sorry about Sheri having to go through all that - but I am glad the doctor got it all before it went into the bone.
I know you are there for her and are taking good care of her.
Funny you couldn't even tell what was on that film after 20 years- I am surprised they could even do that anymore.
I'll send up a prayer.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank the good Lord for Sherry's good news! That was quite a surgery, but so happy they got it all out. Sounds like she got the best birthday gift possible. Hopefully you can celebrate next week at the Red Lobster. I remember that her favoite is also mine. At least once a year, I get to go there and that is on my birthday! My kids always make sure of that.


poor sherry. i hope she feels better soon. sending prayers for quick healing. stormy and zorro are too cute for words.