Monday, November 25, 2019

It is also a Vehicle and there are parking places to find…

Interesting Car:

Sorry I am late Evelyn, but I hve been visiting Mr. RV repairman!   OUCH!
For today:
I love this Motor Home. I sometimes forget it is also a vehicle and that  it has all the problems of a truck or car in addition to being a great place to live.

 This unit uses AIR BAGS for suspension. Yep tough rubber bags support this 26000 lb home instead of metal springs. There are two at each wheel. Apparently the ones on the Sherry side, I mean passenger’s side,  are leaking.  So this morning I will visit the repair shop again.  WE also need wipers, we noticed that in the rain coming down.

As a precaution to 'NO Vacancies for RVs' I thought we should look into cheap property to park the MH.   That time is coming fast. So I DECIDED to check out a nice piece of property near  Palatka, FL.

WOW this is 3 acres with 2 run down mobile homes and a fenced Acre Horse Paddock.  Hey, I can get a horse and really be a cowboy, I might even learn to be a Cracker (Cowboys in Florida were called Crackers because they used the ‘crack’ of the whip to work cows, whereas western Cowboys use ropes for hazing. The whip didn’t strike the cows, just the noise of the ‘crack’ was used).

The price is very fair, about $10,000 an acre. That is about the price of a small building lot around here. I was sure Sherry would borrow the $ for me, she knows I have always wanted to be a cowboy.

BUT, BUT it is on a dirt road, and She will not live on a dirt road again, something silly about dust!  And she hinted, if I thought it was hard to handle leaving the two black cats for the winter, I should think how hard it will be to teach the horse(s) to be feral for the summer months.  I conceded that point (Ssssshhh.. but don’t tell her I ain’t given up yet!).

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Susan Kane said...

Sherry is really the one in charge, so I expect the dirt road is off the table.

The car at the top is the most unique you have posted! Info?

Happy Thanksgiving.

betty said...

But what could be done to the property later that would be a good investment to get it now? But I agree with Sherry. No dirt roads. We drive by big homes and they have dirt roads to get to them and I'm thinking like "why?" especially with the monsoons we have here! However, it could be fun to read about feral horses :)


Mevely317 said...

Jack, you've never too old to be a cowboy! You give me hope that one day I'll have a pony of my own, too! I agree, a dirt-road access is a no-no; don't y'all have hurricanes in Florida?????
Still, I love the enthusiasm in your 'voice' … keep looking!

Woody said...

I met my first "Cowboys" in Florida, actually watched and was able to touch the cattle being Herded into a large pasture and met 4 Okeechobee Sheriff's Deputies who were on Horseback watching the road and directing traffic from Horseback ! Good Luck on your Property Hunting !!! Love from the North!! Gary & Anna Mae

yaya said...

Good luck with the repairs and I also with property. I know Sherry will not steer you wrong on the perfect place. Remember: If Momma aint happy, aint nobody happy! Or maybe it's "Happy wife, Happy Life!" Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the nice weather for the next few months! I'll keep you informed on the cold an snow up north!

Lisa said...

I’m with Sherry about the dirt road. I know what shes means. But then Im with you on the horses.

Yee haw!

Dar said...

Ya, NO dirt roads in monsoon country, my friend! Just makes sense...Sherry is wise. Good luck with the hunt. The ' just right ' property Will come along. Patience will be a gift. Get the RV fixed and be off for a better property find...tho, country life next to a horse is fun WITH a paved road. lol
love n' hugs from up north for a Stuffed Thanksgiving. We are in for 7-11 inches of snow starting tonight so hope most of it misses us. I'm home alone and don't want to shovel.