Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Trailer Trash

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I resent that statement, Trailer Trash. It is ignorant and snobbish.  Some of the best and sweetest people I have known, lived in a trailer. I admit to being prejudiced. Sherry and I started housekeeping in a 26’ house trailer. In the USAF we bought first a 31’ trailer. Then after Jack Jr was born we bought a giant 43x8 trailer. We loved it.  It fit our needs.
When we were transferred we did not have to pack up everything, arrange shipping, go to the new town and try to find an apartment we could afford. We just looked for trailer parks in the yellow pages made a list and picked one. It that was not satisfactory, we moved to another after a few months.
                Not ours..... LOL

When we had a trailer, all furniture and appliances were there. It was ideal for lower paid young families. There was one payment for living space, furniture and appliances.
We have three trailer parks in this town. Two of them are exceptional. The other which is a stone’s throw from our house, is a little run down. However, it allows a warm dry home for those who can’t afford more, and maybe never can.
Florida is an odd place in reference to homes and value. In Florida you can see a million dollar mansion and have a trailer home a block away where the zoning allows. Of course there is zoning in most cities now that will not allow ‘manufactured’ homes just ‘anywhere’.
       Not ours.either.... LOL
Tornadoes and hurricanes are thinning out the older structures.  Nature has a way of updating the world. WE moved from tents and mud huts to Brick, wood and concrete. BUT trailers are still an option for low income folk who don’t want to be stacked in a ‘hood’.
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PS: For you that do not know in most states the taxes are much less than a stick built house.

Actually for the past 22 years we have lived in a trailer but it has an engine. LOL 
PS2: Some houses & yards look worse than any trailer park I have ever seen.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Some people call homes like my mobile home, trailers. It's far from it, They really aren't very mobile at all, but are a manufactured home. I live in a park, It's supposed to be be 55 and over living. Not really a retirement community, but it is very peaceful and quiet. We have a lake for fishing and a swimming pool to use in the summer. It has everything I needed and at a reasonable price too. When I had to downsize I looked at apartments and couldn't find one that offered all this place had for the same amount of money. I might be consider trailer trash by some. But my place doesn't have an engine or anything resembling one.

Lisa said...

I always hated the term “Trailer Trash”. Our campground sits next to the Hilton. I have heard kids yell down from the balcony calling everyone below “trailer Trash”. Little do they know, some campers and RV cost more than their house! Me and Nick have even talked about finding some land, selling our brick home and getting a trailer.

Have fun snow birds.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree with you. I have seen some places that are mobiles - but permanent and they look wonderful!

Mevely317 said...

I, too, loathe the term 'trailer trash.' I'll never understand why some people get their kicks putting others' down. ANYway. Tom - even my kids - were in favor of a manufactured home. Could be irrational, but I couldn't wrap my mind around that, living here in tornado alley. Even our Chief Meteorologist keeps repeating during tornado alerts, if you live in a mobile or manufactured home, "Get out NOW, and go to a permanent structure."

Jean said...

It's sad how some people put people down by what they have but see plenty like that and here in my hometown. Good people that worked in the mills call lint heads by some of these people. I'm sure now some of them wishes they had the lint heads back because it has hurt their business. I worked hard for what I have and if I don't have the money to pay for it, I don't buy it. You see some beautiful motor homes and trailers that cost more than some homes. You and Sherry take care, Jean.

yaya said...

I love the mobile homes that look like log cabins and want one to put in our woods! When I was a kid we traveled the country every summer and camped. The best part of that was checking out all the interesting campers and trailers we came across. I have some dear friends who live in trailer parks and I would never think of calling them "trailer trash"...in fact I wouldn't call anyone that! I've known folks who lived in "regular" housing that could fit that bill however.