Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I forget which group it was but

I remember a song about priming the pump. Something about a thirsty man coming from the desert and and finding a hand pump. On the pump was a can of water. A note said, friend don't drink this water, to get some clear fresh water you must pour this water in the pump.
You have got to prime the pump! Some who read this blog will remember these old jug head hand pump. I had seent thiese all my life, but when I went to Missouri the first time there was a family that had one in the kitchen at the sink. It worked great, I had never seen that.

This is the old local school house in North Lebanon. Now converted into an Ice Cream and hot dog shop. We did not get o eat here, but it looked tempting.
This is their sign but not the church steeple in the back ground. I loved it.

Now we are up north far enough to see these signs. Of course we are VERY FAMILIAR Deer Crossing signs, but I always find it exciting to see,"MOOSE CROSSING".

I LIKE THE ARCHETECTURE UP HERE. This Octagon room faces the ocean.

We spent some time relaxing here on our last day. I had to find the last part to repair the Motor Home basement door. I had to 'Make One Work', and it turned out okay. The parts place here did not have the right part, and we could not take a chance of finding one somewhere else.
Just so you will know we ate our last Lobsta today. Sherry took the meat out and made a sandwich, sort of a lobsta roll. I just sat here an cracked mine, spraying juice on her only once or twice. I did not know that they have a lobsta that has a thin shell. These we had the shell was so thin it cracked with your fingers. Very easy to eat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and Good! Someone asked if the lobsta is RED. It is a funny thing they are green before steaming, then they turn a bright red. On the other hand The Florida lobster (Longusta or Florida crawfish) so not turn color, neither do they have the claws that Maine Lobsters do.
We are all packed up and ready to hit the road in the morning. It is around 70 here now, down to 53 tonight. A couple came by to chat, They are from New Hampshire. We (with Sherry's help) had a nice visit. He was a doctor in the Navy. They made some suggestions for our trip over to Lincoln.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog,
A clear conscience could be the sign of a bad memory!

Sometimes I think Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm......

It is possible that when everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane, WATCH OUT!


shirl72 said...

You are getting as bad as Woody telling about
food. We have had lobster from there. Eric
sent us a box that was delivered in a refrigerated truck. The lobsters were alive.
They sent the whole works even an apron and crackers. This was for a Birthday. That always
disturbs me having to cook them alive. UGG
But that is what you have to do.


robert said...

Good morning you two,
liked today the picture of the old school. Must have been a joy to enter such a building each morning. Over here, the first quote of my parents seeing one, was: Is that a prison?
Interesting also the picture about 'liberty in Greece'.
Makes me glad to read and see, that one is able to enjoy traveling, living, discovering, so free in the land you are.
Liked also the advices given in the end.

Lucy said...

OK Jack, we had to prime our well when it dropped to low, on the farm. Then our neighbors we thought were rich because they had a cistern much like what you photographed with a sink. I have not even thought if the word "cistern" in many years. Thanks for telling me about the lobster. I think I prefer red to green. You are really getting some quaint pictures, notice I did not say "OLD". That word bothers me a bit. lol

Paula said...

Yuck I just read Shirl's comment. I'm not sure I could cook anything alive.

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are good at Make One Work....some just run in circles going What am I going to do?
Hot dogs and ice cream. I bet the place is popular, at least with people with young children. That is paradise to them. ~Mary

Lucy said...

I am with Shirl on the cooking but I do remember the cook at the Hotel where I waitressed dropping this icky moving thing into boiling water. Didn't remember the color.