Saturday, February 6, 2016

This danged internet

This looks like our first RV but we had a red one.
On the road, of course, we cannot have a cable connection for the internet. We depend on cell towers. There are places we have  bad ‘cell’ connection, but at least we do have some.  At our present location staying connected is tough. We are on about one to three minutes and off from one to five minutes.  It makes it hard to get the news, communicate, comment, read blogs or participate in forums.
I just told Sherry, "If we ever have a cable connection, we won’t know how to act. ;-) ."  We have always been on the internet using cell towers,  we have never had cable.
 The MG and a Crosley wagon.

I learned to hook a lap top up to the net through our ‘flip phone’. At the time, our cell program gave unlimited minutes after 9PM, so we were on the net always at night. We upgraded years later to a ‘card’, which we now use. The card is like the cell phone but dedicated to a computer’s use. The ‘card’ actually has a phone number.
 One of our little Metros, the corner of Mark's TR6 showing.  Below is a picture of a Packard Sheila sent me from the Raleigh area of North Carolina.

Right now I am off-line doing this blog entry on my word processor. I will copy and paste it to Blogger without any pictures and hope I stay on line long enough to get a ‘foot in the door’ so to speak.  Then If I add pictures I will try to squeeze them in while the system is on line.
It is frustrating, but I am a hooked victim of the internet. I must have it.  Or that is what I think.
Shirl's first car.
Aboard ship to use a cell phone or any part of the internet, you must pay, I am a cheap skate so we declined.  Funny I missed you guys’ blogs, but I did not miss the other parts of the net.

Let me say while I am here, any writer wants to be read. All bloggers want to be read and try to figure a way to interest folks to 'stay tuned'. I have come to the conclusion a good blog entry is from 200-600 words. (Paula is always short and 'sweet') That is my opinion. When I had a journal at times I wrote 2000 words, heck that is a chapter in my books. My average is 400 now and I try to cut it down, but I am too long winded.  ha! (sorry)
IN the 1950's the Corvette, most every kids dream car.

Nite Shipslog

PS: The card is expensive, it along with phones brings us a monthly bill of $200+.  What does it run on a cable at your home?  Just curious because we won't be on the road forever.
President Roosevelt's Plymouth, it was rigged so all controls could be done by hand, since he had very little use of his legs due to Polio, I think.
What it feel like in central Florida today!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to use the same way of connecting to the internet due to the fact that I wanted service wherever I went. We were camping at the time and it worked just fine there, but the connection at home wasn't so good. It does depend on where those cell phone towers are. When I sold the camper and didn't travel so much, I got cable here at home and love it.

betty said...

I can never do a short blog entry, that is why I blog about once a week:). I too am addicted to the Internet, I am lost without it :)


Glenda said...

Always enjoy your blogs, you create word pictures and that is a good thing! The internet is my news source and entertainment. I had used a Hotspot in past but couldn't be online and take a call ~ which is frustrating if speaking with the bank or anyone whose message the call concerns. Now, Comcast is my provider for WiFi and it started out with a $29/monthly fee ~ small print revealed that it was only twelve months, now right at $50 with tax but that's really not bad as it's very reliable and fast! Gotta love that part!!! Have a wonderful day....Glenda

Unknown said...

I cannot tell how much the internet is by itself..Everything combine on my bill. Remember I have a land line so mine would be different than cell.
Cellphone is different price. I will let you look at bill when you come
home. You can afford it...

Mevely317 said...

When I'm not freaking out (LOL) over a random lapse in connectivity..... once in a while I realize how absurd I'm behaving. It really wasn't all that long ago I didn't know squat about the internet, much less Blogville. And still, this old world kept right on going.
(... for the record, I wouldn't want to go back! hahaha.)

Jean said...

My monthly cable bill is $97.00 which is both TV and internet. When you get back to NC. Can you use your granddaughters? My daughter in law was paying for her internet service and her mother was paying for one. They both live in the same house, her mom has an apartment on the lower part. I told her that they should be able to use only one internet service with the router since they both live there. That’s what they done and now only has one bill to pay. I think my internet is $37.00 a month. Take care. Jean

Rick Watson said...

I have to knock off a liquor store each month to pay my bill. I think they're getting tired of it. But Ido love my connectivity and fees isolated when it's down.

Sheila Y said...

Right now our cable and internet runs about $139. It lasts about a year then I have to dicker with them to get it reduced again. I think I could survive with antenna or basic cable but Ricky boy likes flipping channels. ..ha. I do like the DVR though. Take care, Sheila