Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day (formerly Decoration Day)

Historical Photo:
 They called this 'D' day. Normandy Beach. The Allies lost 12,000 troops here.

Coming in for Memorial Day!
As I have stated here I am a veteran of the USMC, USAF and the USN.  I never saw combat I never lost a shipmate to enemy action.
BUT Memorial Day is set aside to honor the military men and women who have gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Today I will honor them in my thoughts. I had brothers, uncles, cousins and nephews who served in combat and thank God they all returned.
You may argue that some died in battles that were not for our ‘FREEDOM’, you may be right, I would never argue that. BUT THEY WENT WHERE THEY WERE ORDERED TO GO. They joined or were drafted and signed a paper swearing to defend this country against all enemies domestic or foreign as ordered by the proper authority.  The soldier does not get the choice to follow the orders he likes, his duty is to follow orders. The military man does and he comes into harm’s way.
For those who have given their lives I weep. Most were young men and women, OUR BEST, and will never see their families on earth again, nor grow old like I have, to see the grand kids.  God bless their memory and their families who are left to remember, and hold a folded flag and a medal.
God love the ones who gave their lives for this country.  REMEMBER the orders, right or wrong have no weight, they died doing what they were ordered to do.
God bless the ones who died and the ones who are willing to die.  God Bless the USA, the greatest country in this world.
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North Carolina facts
My wife was born, raised and lived in North Carolina until I married her. That is the NC fact I will always remember and give thanks to God.

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 Ahhh, that military jeep.  How the ground-pounder envied the driver of this vehicle!


Paula said...

A nice thoughtful post for Memorial Day. Melvin didn't see battle either but he did serve our country and was honored to do it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for your service. Although you did not see battle, I'm sure there were some sacrifices made along the way. I'm so thankful for our military men and women that protect and serve us every day. Sweet thoughts for Memorial day! It's a hot one here in Ohio. Supposed to be record breaking temps for us !


happy memorial day.

Back Porch Writer said...

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you all are doing well.

betty said...

I'm thankful for those who are willing to serve, like you were, Jack, and Sherry for her sacrifice too with you being gone, etc. I'm thankful for those who gave their lives for our freedom and for our country remaining free. Our church honored those yesterday with a memorial wall which was touching to see indeed young lives given for what we take for granted. May you all have a good day!


Mevely317 said...

Great perspective, Jack. In fact, I've just shared the link to my FB page.
Proud to be an American ... and enormously humbled. Love y'all!

Glenda said...

Jack, thank you for your service, I know that many times it was a challenge to kiss your family goodbye. You have my utmost respect for your time spent defending our country!!!Good idea Mevely!

Chatty Crone said...

When a soldier serves - it is a possibility he will die and I think that is a sign of courage and I appreciate it.
Have a blessed Memorial Day. sandie♥

Lisa said...

Great post Jack! Hope you and Sherry have a wonderful day. ‘
Love from the West side

Dar said...

I'm always grateful to all who have sacrificed to keep us in this great country. Thank You Jack! It took great courage and strength to continually serve for our freedom, even in peaceful times. We live in a wonderful part of the world thanks to people like you. I'm grateful daily!
love n' hugs from a gal who's glad to hear from you. Stay strong and healthy where we are cooking up's been sweltering! Phew, but I don't mind.