Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sister Shirley aka Shirl.........

I smiled after the death of her husband Jim, Shirley wanted to be called Shirl. I had no problem with that. My name was Jackie (a girls's name) of course I preferred Jack.  hahahaha

Most of Shirley's life she has been an independent soul. When dad pastored a country church Shirley started to school. They gave the 'shots' many times at school when entering the first grade. Daddy had to be gone and mama was having 'female troubles and taking care of me' and asked the principal if Shirley could enroll herself.  She did, and took the shots at the same time.

One of her frequent tales  (under the power of dementia) was: while in the first grade she volunteered dad to drive the first grade to a dairy farm on a field trip. The teacher called dad, and of course he said, "No problem when?"  Shirley was his pet.   LOL

She started piano lessons at 5 yrs old.  She played the church piano at 10. She was very talented.  She also played the French Horn.

We both suffered a little mental problem while dad pastored in Albemarle. It was a very conservative church. TV has just came out and was a sin to watch, so we could not.  I was first trumpet in the band, and Shirley was the drum major, she led the band. Mama had sewed her a 'modest' uniform and felt it would work. One church member Vehemently  opposed and threatened to lay down in the driveway to prevent dad from taking us to the parade.

Dad then told us to get out of the car. We did not march in the Christmas parade.  Needless to say our Band director was not happy with us for not showing up.  He marched in Shirley's place.  The trumpets was no problem the 2nd trumpet just move u one place. 

That said, in my sister's demented state, she changed history and in the last two years of her life bragged on daddy defying Sister Burris, and she  still lead the parade.

Shirley was fortunate  to meet Jim Wrape. He was divorced and had two very likeable and pleasant sons, Armon and Eric. Jim shared custody with his first wife so the kids were at Jim & Shirley's home a lot.

Jim's death to cancer was always on Shirley's mind. WHY?

She moved to the small town of Belmont, NC.  She met  a good guy named Smokey Coe. They dated.  She became a singer in his band and loved it.

Smokey's family moved to Florida and wanted Shirley to go but she could not make herself leave. So she remained with her memories until this week.

I will miss Shirley. We will not lease 'her house' again.  It will again become our home base.  I built this place for us and sister Katherine and hubby Dick. We had many years together as I continued to build.

Isn't it amazing the different routes life takes.  When I typed that I remembered reading one of  Minnie Pearl's quotes: "If you want to make God smile, tell Him your plans."

Ain't that the gospel.......
I hope this entry works..... 


Lisa said...

Cute story! I loved it! Isn't if funny how times have changed?
I have a feeling we are gonna hear some more fun stories of the past.
Keep em coming.

Hugs and prayer

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have a lot of good memories of your sister and she will always have a special place in your heart. Those we love never really leave us as they remain there right close to us forever. Isn't it wonderful that she can still make you laugh! I don't blame you alt all for wanting to make that your new home base. It would be impossible to rent it out at this point. Hugs and love to you both.

Dar said...

So much can be taken from us but not our memories of our loved ones, even in confused states of mind. Your sister Shirl became part of your blogger friends lives as well, isn't life strange sometimes. Yes, like Minnie Pearl said!~~~ I miss my sister Lana so much so many times. It's hard now, and it hurts bad, but the hurt will lessen as you smile remembering yet another thing about your dear sis Shirl. Peace dear friends! You are in our prayers.
loven'hugs from up north where the rains are finally watering the gardens and the trees. Amen.

Rain said...

Nice memories Jack. :)

Paula said...

I'm glad I read this, I've been missing so much lately. I remember when Shirl wrote in her blog a little. You both have interesting things to tell about being a PK's kids.

Mevely317 said...

What a cute twist of the tale! My own mother - and now Tom - keep repeating the same old, same old stories. What the heck; if it makes him feel important, no-one's getting hurt.

So nice how you're keeping Shirl's memory alive this way. I think it's the best way to compliment a loved one. Like the lyricist wrong, "Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot ..."

Glenda said...

No words. This is a wonderful tribute and through tears ~ I'll repeat Lisa,
Keep 'em coming, love and hugs...Glenda

betty said...

So sweet with the memories and stories you shared of Shirl. Do write more about her and the memories in the days ahead as you choose to. I think it is a good idea not to lease the house and make it your base there. Might be hard seeing someone else living there with all the great memories you had when Shirl was your "tenant."


Chatty Crone said...

I really loved to hear about SHirley because I did not know her that well. I love the stories - so interesting. Again I am so sorry about her death. I am glad that will be your home base - I think you need one. You loved her until the very end Jack and was there for her. I love that quote too. sandie